European Coin Magic Symposium - Volume 4

Magic download (video) by Eric Jones, Akira Fujii, Miguel Angel Gea, Daryl, Giacomo Bertini, Michael Rubenstein, Curtis Kam, Ginjiro and Remy Robert
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European Coin Magic Symposium - Volume 4

On November 12 & 13 2011 the second European Coin Magic Symposium brings 20 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic, with Lectures and Performances. Private sessions and Gala shows. The routines in this issue choices among the best and shot live at the symposium, are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are the best names in the Coin Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation. This is the content of this publication, one of the best in the history of coinmagic, with the others in the same series:

THE GUESTS GIacomo Bertini: "Cylinder & Chips" This is his easy version of the famous coin routine.You can see this routine in his book, "Giacomo Bertini's System for amazement" written by Stephen Minch. Giacomo uses poker chips instead of coins and his own gimmick, which you can buy from him. He created this routine for professional use, such as when working at event dinners, and in any difficult situation, anywhere. The effect is amazing, like the classical version, but in this case the routine is really easy to perform, and the hands are really empty, in front of the spectators. Very beautiful routine for standup workers. Beginner level

DARYL: "The Manly Matrix" This is a wonderful version of the classic matrix effect - four coins and four cards. Each coin starts under one card in 4 different places. Eventually all coins assemble magically one by one under one card. The description includes a beautiful display move which allows you to show a card in one hand while you hide a coin in the same. Very beautiful routine for standup workers. Intermediate level

AKIRA FUJII: "Before of Jet Coin" The famous Japanese television magician shows us an update to his historic routine. Akira was the first magician who used the "muscle-pass" technique, not as a simple flourish, but as a technique in the context of routine. You can appreciate the inventiveness and progress in coinmagic made as early as the late 90's by this Japanese magician. Routine to work at the table at any situation also impromptu. Advanced level

MIGUEL ANGEL GEA: "Three In One" The master of the spanish coinmagic presents a nice routine in which three coins disappear from a glass and reappear in different positions including inside a deck of cards on top of a chosen card and inside a previously shown empty purse. Strong effect and a very nice interlude within your show of cards or coins. Routine to work at the table. beginner/intermediate level

ERIC JONES: "EJ Copper Silver" The young and already famous American magician shows us an easy routine with which you can really amaze the audience. A double Copper Silver transposition to be performed either at the table or standup at any situation also impromptu. The climax happens in the hands of the spectator! A lesson in style and pure magic. Beginner Level

GINJIRO: "Spellbound" The well-known japanese magician, shows us his coin skills: a beautiful and original one coin routine mixed with a spellbound routine. Interesting variations of classic techniques, with a new dress. To be performed in standup situation, at any situation also impromptu. Intermediate/advanced level

AUKE VAN DOKKUM: "Chink a Chink" The Dutch magician shows us his well-known version of Roth's famous routine. Everything is done in a very magical way, with an easy explanation. The climax is amazing. Routine for standup workers at the table with a mat. Beginner level

AURELIO PAVIATO: "O.C.T.S. an application" The close-up Fism gold champion, and also well-known Italian television magician,shows us an application of his technique and his original approach to coin magic that made him famous.A perfect construction of a very beautiful routine as well as his performance. Routine for standup workers at the table at any situation also impromptu . Advanced level

ANTONY GERARD: "Shuffling Down a Different Sidewalk" (Cards routine) This is the only card routine on this DVD. The well-known and creative American magician shows us his original version of the "Three-card Monte".His version is really new and different from all the others, with an easy and ingenious construction. A succession of effects and an amazing final climax. Everything can be controlled, and is performed without any gimmicks or manipulations, because everything is extraordinarily easy and you can work in any situation. Routine for standup workers at any situation also impromptu. Beginner level

CURTIS KAM: "Box Jumper" The famous american magician, among the best coinman in the world, shows us one of his beautiful routines, an original and very visual transposition of silver dollars and china-coins between a purse and an okito box. Everything is truly magical and visual!Routine to work at the table standing or sitting, at any situation also impromptu. Intermediate level

ERIC ROUMESTAN: "Impossible Coins To Pocket" Again, the French magician presents a very illusive routine with his original invisible gimmick: all the coins can appear and disappear from his hands in close up situations. One, two, three or four coins disappear in the air as they are thrown from hand to hand, in a truly illusive and magical way. Beginner level.

ALEX CONRADI: "Chameleon Skin Purse" The really talented Italian/Dutch magician shows his very beautiful routine. The production and vanish of two coins from a purse frame. Nothing is left to chance and his professional presentation is masterfully interpreted and executed. A model of how we can work with real audiences in a professional situation.Routine for standup workers at any situation also impromptu. Beginner level

MICHAEL RUBINSTEIN: "Silver & Lint Final Chapter" The well-known American coinman shows us a very nice spellbound routine, in which he starts by making a silver coin appear. Then the coin turns into a copper coin several times. At the end of the routine the coin disappears completely. Routine to work standing or sitting, at any situation also impromptu. Intermediate level

Bonus: Competition Winners (3rd place): REMY ROBERT "Coins & Ball" The young French magician winner of the third place in the coinmagic competition, performs and explains his beautiful astonishing and spectacular routine. With his original sleeving technique he shows us what real magic is. Coins that disappear and appear together with metal balls, one two three 4 appear and disappear, in a spectacular succession. Not to be missed! Routine for standup workers at any situation also impromptu. Advanced level

Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes


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