Hein's Catch Up (Download)

Magic download (video) by Karl Hein
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Hein's Catch Up (Download)

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Magic download (video) by Karl Hein ($36.00)

"Hein's Catch Up is simply brilliant! It's hard to believe that I would even consider a new twist to a routine that I have been doing for so many years but I love it! The production of the coins is fabulous and the explanations are concise, to the point and easily understood. I especially like that it all happens in the open without pockets. I have to play with this!"Doc Eason

"Wow...I didn't think I would ever try another approach but I want to work with a couple of the ideas in your routine. Thanks for sharing!"J.C. Wagner

"Hein's Catch Up" is a 5 phase coin routine will devastate your audiences. Karl's unique in the hands approach to the traditional Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick puts you so far ahead of your audience that they will never be able to "catch up".

The download also includes a bonus one coin routine with a surprising Extra Large Jumbo Coin Production that will destroy your audiences in close-up environments.

Note: Hein's Catch-Up requires the use of a Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick. Copper/Silver/Brass Gimmick is not included with this download.


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I knew that I would probably like anything from Karl Hein. And this did not disappoint. I am always on the lookout for routines that utilize the Copper/Silver/Brass, because there can be new ideas incorporated for it. This is a great, fresh routine that does more that just making the coins jump back and forth from hand to hand or from the pocket. I would recommend it to anyone that loves the Copper/Silver/Brass.





This is a great routine for the CBS coin set. I have had this set in my bag of goodies for a long time. Although, I have never put the work into putting together a solid routine. One of the many items I have bought over the years that sat collecting dust when it should have been put to good use. KH has come up with a solid routine that is magical and very practical. I would say that this is a doable routine for those with just a little bit of coin knowledge. The sleights are not difficult. If one put's in the work this can be a great addition to their arsenal of effects. Thanks KH for sharing this routine with us... it was well thought out!





Heins catchup. This is just first class, you owe it to yourself to get this. Errol robinson