In Transit

Magic download (video) by Curtis Kam
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In Transit

7.99 usd

Magic download (video) by Curtis Kam (7.99)

Curtis Cam is an absolute master with coins. His magic is beautifully constructed and amazing to watch. In Transit combines two incredibly powerful effects to create a fantastic routine.

You are magic. You are the power to amaze and entertain at will. And you keep getting better. You are In Transit. This is Curtis Kam's masterful upgrade to the classic shell coins across. Because if you're just standing still, you're not going anywhere.

Note: For In Transit, you will need a little something that's either already in your junk drawer or easily obtainable, as well as a little something that will fit inside the first thing.


Customer reviews for In Transit



This is an excellent routine and masterclass in, in the hands coin magic. It requires a certain finesse in handling the coins and the spectator. This is an excellent routine. My advice is to purchase a traditional csb set that comes with a turtle and Chinese coin in dollar or half dollar size. The Tango CSB or N2G RBG 2.0 are good options. Really happy with this purchase.





Excellent stuff



I didn't purchase this here at Vanishing Inc. It was before my time here, but I'd like to add my review here too. This is a staple in my rep and has been since about 2 nights after first purchasing it, that's about how long it took me to practice it enough to take it out into the world and give it a shot. You will need to have a decent foundation in coin magic before tackling this one.

Performed correctly and with heeding Curtis' advice. This routine is absolutely killer! I prefer to use Dollars and a Chinese coin like he does, but I've performed it with halves, and quarters with equal success. I never leave home without this in my pocket. sometimes I weave it into a 3fly, sometimes I perform it with Garrett Thomas' "imagination Coins, Sometimes on it's own, but this is something I can't get enough of. It never fails to get a great reaction and leaves people stunned. aside from the fact that it's a killer routine that's got several things going for it, like the fact that it's fairly modular, and it's a full routine that has several effects built in already. it's got a different feel to it than any other coin routines I know, and I'm the only one in my area I know of that performs it. I love this routine and it's one of the only downloads I can truly say I've gotten my money's worth out of, and I've purchased 100s.

To be direct, it's not a beginner trick, I already mentioned you need some basic skills to pull this off, nothing out of reach or too knucklebusting as some of Curtis' stuff can tend to be. You do need to own some things you may already have if you do any coin magic. It's intermediate in skill level and I'd say it takes a bit more advanced audience management skills than many other effects. The angles are no worry, you just need to be aware of your participant and need to make sure they are working with you and not against you. If you're not ok with all that, or if putting in the work and practice time bothers you, or if you're too much of a purist to use gaffs, than skip this one, but if none of those things bother you, and you end up mastering this, you'll have a killer coin routine you can perform anytime, anywhere for anyone and absolutely devastate your spectator.

Only other thing I can say, is that this is a fairly intimate routine, And can only be used when the moment is right, it's not something you'll use at every table, every group, there's literally no reset, just put the coins away and you're reset, however what I'm getting at is that people around will feel the reaction of the person involved for sure, and they will experience the magic, but this is extremely heavy on the one person you're performing it for, more so than everyone else. so in other words, you'll have to choose your participant wisely, but still this is well worth learning and having on you for those times that it makes sense for you to perform it for that one special subject. It's not necessarily a one-on-one, bu it's not for a large group at all. It's more like something you pull out when you want to hit someone in particular, real hard, and then leave them with the feeling of wanting more as you make your way to your next destination.

Have fun and take good care of this one, as far as coin magic is concerned, this is a real gem I treasure dearly. Please do it justice, and you too will love this.

This is my first (of hopefully many reviews I'll leave on Vanishing Inc.) but this is one that I've been performing for months on a daily basis. I kinda sucked at it when I first tried it, but it still hit hard. As of today I've performed it 100's of times and it keeps getting better. I can't recommend it enough, it's taken the place of one of the only 3-4 coin routines I ever bother to do. (I mainly work with cards, mental magic and general close up) I'm so obsessed with this one that I literally am ready to go with it in Dollars, Halves and quarters at all times, and I just decide which seems to fit the situation at hand, but I actually dedicate enough space on my person to whip out any one of the 3 at any moment. That's how much I stand by this single coin routine.

Hope this review helps someone out there decide to try this, or not and let me remain one of the only people doing it around my area. As with any magic, and especially routines I consider a masterpiece such as this, please put in the time and do it well, pay your respects to the creator by mastering it so you can do it justice.

When the coin hits their hand and clinks on the stranger coin the first time,.. that's a major moment in the spectator's mind, enjoy how that slowly sinks in to their brain and that last phase when the coin ON THEIR HAND transposes with the one IN THEIR HAND, is so good that you can smell their brain cells fry and hear them sizzle from inside their ears,.. seriously, it's that good, and gives you ample time to ditch the necessary gaff and dump the remainder of the fully normal coins into their hands for them to look at for a moment, and for this particular trick, I believe you should do so, because they'll want to see them and you shouldn't really follow this with anything on the same person, just let it sink in and pull out another trick while ditching the gaff, there's ZERO heat on it, so you could totally pull out a deck of cards or not, or whatever, even just put your hands in your pocket causally and let them ponder.

I already wrote all this and I'm not taking it back now, I kind of regret it because as cliche as it may be, I love this and don't want others learning and doing it, but I get carried away in the review and go on forever because I can't stress enough how much I love this routine. And now you can tell by how much I've rambled on about it.

If you've read this far, congrats, Thank you! I only review purchases I'm super passionate about whether positive or negative. And I'm very sorry for the short novel ;) Go ahead and buy it, I won't speak for you, but I was far from disappointed. I bought this many months ago and now I don't remember how I got by before I had this under weapon in my arsenal.

~~SkypeX "The Stealth Magician"
Baltimore, MD


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  • Brian E asks: I'm likely to pick this up regardless but can you tell me the coins I will need for this? A turtle to go along with the silver dollars or a copper turtle to go with the copper coin?

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    • Brian E asks: So my last question never got answered, which is disappointing but I'll try again. I know the one gaff I'll need, a turtle, but what is the other thing I'll need to go in the first one, a m@£n3t? Thanks

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You do not need a m@£n3t, only the turtle but make sure that all of the coins are the same size. Please email our Support Wizards with any more questions so that we can avoid exposure.
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