One Coin Masterclass

Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall
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One Coin Masterclass

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Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall (19.95)

The ultimate impromptu, do anywhere, astonishing routine.

Many magicians agree that the vanish of a single coin is one of the purest magic tricks you can perform. Making an object with intrinsic value disappear appeals to everyone. If you take that feeling and expand it, you get a One Coin routine—something every magician should have in their repertoire. Even card magicians.

The problem is there are so many different One Coin routines available. It's hard to choose the "perfect" one. Especially when most of these coin tricks have been developed by the creator to match their own unique style. Rarely is there a One Coin magic routine that feels designed for you.

So, what's the best solution? You create your own.

"One Coin Masterclass" is a 50-minute session featuring master coin magician Ian Kendall walking you through everything you need to know to create your own personalized and powerful One Coin routine. Showcasing two of his own personal routines as a starting point, Ian will teach you how to use the sleights you already know (including many from "Basic Coin Magic 2.0") to create your own One Coin routine.

This is a masterclass in creating powerful magic that suits you and your character.

Download "One Coin Masterclass" today so start creating an impromptu miracle.


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  • Cecil asks: If I had to pick only one to purchase would it be one coin master class or coin magic 2.O? How many sleight are taught on the master class? Your recommendations please.

    • 1. Ian Kendall (creator) responds: Morning Cecil, So, One Coin is very much an extra chapter to BCM; I use a lot of the same terminology that I set out in BCM when discussing One Coin, but the two lessons cover different ground. For example, in BCM I start at the very beginning of coin moves, and go through several sleights step by step. If you are just beginning with coin magic, I would recommend you start with BCM. One Coin is all about creating a routine for yourself; it would be >really< helpful if you already had an arsenal of sleights with which you are comfortable. In fact, that's pretty much a requirement! On One Coin I go into a few more advanced moves that are not on BCM; there's some work on coin through hand, and more on sleeving. So, if you are a coin beginner, go for BCM, and then you can - if you want - move onto One Coin later on. If you are already a competent coin magician, I think you'll enjoy One Coin. Hope that helps :), Ian
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