Open Coins Across

Magic download (video) by Dean Dill
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Open Coins Across

4.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Dean Dill (4.00)

Dean Dill's interpretation on the Open Hands Coins Across. Three coins visibly vanish from one palm-up open hand and appear in the other. 

Includes an additional ending where the last coin appears in the closed hand of the spectator!

This download also covers Dean's work on handling the Gravity Flipper gimmick.

NOTE: This is an excerpt from Flip It by Dean Dill


Customer reviews for Open Coins Across



Dean Dill’s interpretation of the Open Hands Coins Across is a captivating display of magical artistry that elevates a classic routine into new heights. With three coins visibly vanish from one palm-ip open hand and reappearing in the other, Dill showcases a level of skill and precision that is nothing short of extraordinary. His execution of sleight of hand is seamless, creating a visually stunning experience for spectators.

What truly sets Dean Dill’s performance apart is the unexpected and brilliant twist he introduces to the traditional Coins Across routine. The climax taxes a mesmerizing turn when the last coin doesn’t simply appear in the magician’s hand but magically materializes in the closed hand of a spectator. This is unexpected ending adds an element of surprise and wonder that distinguishes Dill’s rendition from conventional interpretations, leaving audiences in awe of the seemingly impossible.

The instructional download accompanying this routine goes beyond the Open Hands Coins Across offering valuable insights into Dill’s work with the gravity flipper gimmick. Dill’s expertise shines through as he provides clear and detailed instructions, making this resource accessible and beneficial for magicians of all skills levels. The gravity flipper gimmick, under Dill’s guidance, becomes a versatile toll that enhances the magical experience, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the performance.







beautiful routine and I have never seen a gravity flipper coin. Can't weight to try one. I have enjoyed Dean Dills rubber band routine for years and added it to my already Crazy MAN'S HANDCUFF.





This is a superb routine. Dean was so amazing. I love this routine from start to finish. When ever I perform this it never fails to surprise and astound people. The only words I say in my patter are watch. That's all you need. Thank you Dean for your brilliance. You are sadly missed.



No idea what happened in phase 3


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