Magic download (video) by Mike Pisciotta
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Magic download (video) by Mike Pisciotta ($4.80 - normally $9.60)

Silvermint contains two phenomenal routines, Three Way Play and CNM Fly, and both have been designed to amaze and instill wonder. Mike Pisciotta's attention to detail make these a treasure in any working repertoire, and we know that after you learn them, you'll be itching to go out and fry some minds. 

These aren't your run of the mill Coins Across effects. Pisciotta creates strong magic in each of his effects - Silvermint is no exception.

These phenomenal routines do use a special item most magicians already own or can find online from your favorite magic dealer.*

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  • Dominique asks: Hi! I want to buy it but i would like to know if it's easy to do, and if i need a gimmick coin ? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need a gimmicked coin and the difficulty is intermediate.
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Customer reviews for Silvermint



This download is not brilliant. However, it is eminently practical. IMO, this download is superior to Troy Hooser's Shellshocked three fly routine. This routine is straightforward and easy to do, at least until you learn Daryl's Three Fly 3 (that routine is easy too after 10000 hours of practice).

The instruction is competent.

If you want to be doing a three fly by Halloween, don't be a magic snob, buy this.

Yes, it does require practice.



This looks great! I can't wait to try it!



Good job! Simple and direct. Great explanation and video!



Awesome routine! Great tutorial!


Jose Manuel

A good routine for walk-around, simply and straight forward. Explained in very detailed fashion as Mike always does.
If you love, like me, the three coins constructions you should get this!!
I highly recommend his dvd Subterranean Deceptions too

Jose Manuel Illanes



Great trick, even though I knew the trick I bought it anyway and learned a valuable lesson on how to make the gimmick silent while using. I often buy tricks that I know because there is great value in learning from wonderful teachers of Magic and Mike Pisciotta is exactly that.



Silvermint includes two practical and versatile coins across routines including a version of three fly. Like many of us, I already perform versions of both of these routines and will likely begin to switch these two in as I continue my practice. Both are clean and actively engage the spectators. The online tutorial clearly takes you through both of these routines without wasting words and your time. The primary sleight used in both routines is very well explained. The only drawback may be the use of what is referred to as the “special item” although most performers who do coin magic are likely to already have this item. Further, it is easily brought into and out of play. I recommend this download for those looking for strong and relatively easy coin magic.





You'll learn two easy but valuable routines with no extra fat. Practical, direct and workable. I particularly liked the three coin transposition where the coins are taken from the hand of the spectator and then given back on at time, under the premise to show you're clean. Coin trick performances don't usually involve the spectator, so it's nice having him invested somewhat in a coin transposition.





I recommend Silvermint even though I have not given the product a five star rating. I plan to make this a standard carry around item. If you plan ahead so that you carry the necessary "extra", you could borrow quarters to create a killer impact on your audience. The two routines provide a solid starting point for creating your own routine. The actions are so clean that it would be possible to race through the routine faster than the audience can mentally register what they have witnessed. You will need to develop a properly structured performance. Interestingly, I don't think Mike's explanation of the master move captures the true dynamics of his master move; his verbal explanation leads to unsatisfactory technique which I cannot explain further in a review. Focus upon his actions in the performance and explanation videos to understand the proper momentum and finger action; from this you will be able to figure out how to make the essential adjustment to the master move. I would have liked it if Mike provided real world advice about his method. I spent several days analyzing why his routine works better than some of the older coins across classics that use a similar method and now I have more confidence with the method.