Spotlight on Coins

Magic download (video) by John Carey
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Spotlight on Coins

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by John Carey (12.00)

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we love to give you the unexpected. So, we take a card guy like John Carey--who has been heralded all over the world for the card magic he has released with us, and we show you his finest work...with coins.

“Spotlight on Coins” is a collection of six coin routines developed and honed to perfection by John Carey. The emphasis here is on maximum effect with minimal effort. You do NOT need advanced experience with coins to perform these fine tricks. Instead, consider these coin effects to be the absolute easiest you are likely to find with coins, yet the magic is still quite strong and surprising.

The value on this “Spotlight” series is tremendous. Think of it less as a download of tricks and more of a chance to sit down with John Carey and get a masterclass in easy-to-do coin magic. You get SIX routines for the price of one:

SpellOne: A sampler routine that starts with a Spellbound routine and ends with a “big” finish. Easy to do, resets instantly, and could be your next opener.

Equicoins: You show coins from around the world and perfectly predict a freely-chosen coin.

International Hanging Coins: You cause three unique, different coins, to hang invisibly in the air, and then cause them to reappear.

Slow-motion Copper Silver: Exactly as the name implies, this is a stunning transposition of a copper and silver coin.

Hooked: Another handling of the hook coins plot, this whimsical routine is easy on sleights and high on impact.

Streamlined Coins to Purse: This is a lesson in eliminating unnecessary phases and movements. Using a lighter as a magic wand, you cause three coins to disappear, and reappear inside a coin purse.

Running Time: 32 minutes

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Spotlight on Coins



Wonderful download! I'm just getting into coin magic and these routines feel attainable and fun without a crazy amount of finger flinging. They will still take practice to get down, but the explanations are well done, and Mr. Carey is a great teacher!



Excellent performance by John Carny This is great for a beginner super easy to follow, Thanks for a wonderfull explanation.



$10.00 for 6 coin routines from John Carey?? Yes, please!

When you do the math this comes out to $1.66 per routine! My favorites on this video were SpellOne, Equicoins, and Streamlined Coins to purse.

If you haven't learned the Dai Vernon's Spellbound, this is a good place to learn it. You don't need advanced coin moves. I would say that even beginners could master this routine without weeks or months of practice. I also like the jumbo coin kicker. There are other ways that I prefer to get the jumbo coin into play, but at least this way requires no clips, holdouts, etc.

If you are not familiar with Equivoque or "magician's choice," then Equicoins is a good place start. I like the idea of using 5 interesting coins from around the world (John even uses a kangaroo coin from Australia). I was thinking about getting 5 different animal coins on eBay (Ireland even has a rabbit coin), but you can use any 5 different coins. The "prediction coin" hidden inside of a bill/banknote is a clever idea. There are other ways you could show that the result was predicted in advance, but this will at least get your creative juices flowing.
Streamlined Coins to Purse: John uses a Marlboro lighter, and personally I would use a lighter that looks more like a magic wand (I found a black stick/wand shaped lighter on eBay), but I enjoy this routine and like John's thinking regarding how all 3 coins end up back in the coin purse. TCC's coin purse 3.0 looks like a great coin purse to use with this routine.

To sum up, these 6 coin routines are a fantastic value!

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I'm not a coin guy, but lately have felt the urge to add a couple of coin effects to my repertoire. Knowing and respecting John Carey's work with cards, I watched the trailer and decided to give the download a whirl. Glad I did. While certainly requiring dedicated practice and rehearsal, the items on the download are accessible to the novice. SpellOne and Equicoins are my favorites, with Slow Motion Copper-Silver a close third.

The instruction is brief, but thorough, and John provides sufficient detail to master the effects. He also teaches several utility moves that would come in handy with other routines and effects.

Overall, solid teaching, clear explanations, and usable material make this a great deal for $10.00. Recommended.


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