Strike Vanish

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Strike Vanish

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Magic download (video) by Siwei Li ($4.00)

Siwei Li performs and explains his effortless handling of David Williamson's Striking Vanish.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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This is a great simple vanish. It's right up my alley of simple tricks you can do really well to impress friends and other spectators. Conceptually, I enjoy learning small moves like this because coin tricks aren't huge in my repertoire and learning this expands my knowledge of basic impromptu sleights. In my opinion, you can apply this sleight to anything such as batteries, small objects, keys, and rings. This really makes it fun because it's impromptu and if you good enough you can vanish any small object coupled with any long pen or wand.



I watched some of the free YouTube explanations for the Strike Vanish but still couldn't get the move smooth. This video was just what I needed. The explanation was far better and shown over the shoulder as well and in nice slow motion. I also enjoyed the at the fingertips variation which is not usually covered and which I actually found easier in the beginning. With a bit of practice I am now doing the Strike Vanish like a pro.



I was thinking of reviewing this along with the other moves on the Siwei EP page, but I decided this deserves a separate review of its own. The move itself is not that hard, but it looks super visual and deceptive. Kudos to David Williamson and Siwei Li for making this trick possible.



It actually works well! I was surprised thinking that it would take a lot of practice but I got it first time! I've dropped the coin a few times and becoming more dexterous and confident will help. It certainly amazes watchers.

Strike Vanish by Siwei Li