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The Vault - COIN

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Magic download (video) by Eric Chien ($24.95)

"By far the best retention ever created, a true work of art and mastery. This is how magic should look."
- Michael Afshin

"Eric Chien's Coin to Cigarette is beautifully executed!"
- Shin Lim

Eric Chien has been impressing top coin workers around the world with his performances of incredible sleight-of-hand magic. Some are saying he has created the best vanish in the world of a single coin.

He has spent years working and creating the most amazing visual magic using a single coin and is now ready to share it with other magicians. What looks like camera trickery can actually be performed without any gimmicks and only one coin.

COIN is the first time Eric has agreed to release any of his original handlings to the magic community. In this video download, he teaches his own incredible coin vanish as well as signature routines such as Dollar Coin to Signed Card. His handling on Coin To Cigarette is also included--it has fooled the best magicians in the world.

This video will also inspire you to take his work and combine it with other routines that you already perform.


  • CHIEN VANISH - the most startling coin vanish that will change the way you perform
  • BLINK - instant vanish of a coin - perhaps the quickest in the world
  • COIN TO CARD - a signed card is lost in the deck and a coin instantly changes to card
  • COIN TO CIGARETTE - coin visibly turns into a cigarette
  • SPELLBOUND ADDITION - visual changes for any spellbound routine
  • THROW CHANGE - visual turn a coin into a finger ring or coin
  • 3-FLY ENDING - a visual ending for any 3 Fly routine
  • COIN TO CARD BOX - a coin visually vanishes and appears inside a card box
Download the video and start learning these astonishing routines!

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  • barron asks: when i order it dows it come with coins

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a download.
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This is a clever, fast and realizable retention vanish which betrays little extraneous movement of the "placing" hand when properly done. What separates this from many other ROVs is that when performed at the remarkable speed of Mr. Chien it can be done openly to effect switches as well as a vanish. An excellent feature of the download is that it is taught from the spectator's view point, an over the shoulder view from the performers perspective and a slow motion shot from the same point of view...this is very helpful because of the limitations of downloads which cannot be slowed down to watch what in this case is a very fast movement, nearly up to the speed of a chameleon snatching a tasty bug from nearby branch.



This is an amazing sleight. The technique is very well explained and the video instructions are excellent. It will require a lot of practice. I am not sure I will be able to master it but it looks doable and worthwhile. I am happy with this purchase.



Clever retention vanish. Took me about a month to perfect the blink vanish. Easier to do with a dollar size coin.

The Vault - COIN by Eric Chien