The Visual One

Magic download (video) by Yuxu
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The Visual One

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Yuxu (12.00)

The Visual One is an amazing, impromptu routine of coin magic. The jumbo coin vanishes and reappears several times, each time even more mystifying. Audiences are stunned!

Besides learning this routine, the digital download includes:

  • Modern and visual coin productions.
  • 10 beautiful coin moves.
  • No gimmick.
  • Brand new Jumbo Change (in the Stand Up version).
Download the video and learn this great routine!


Customer reviews for The Visual One



This is a great coin routine. The video has subtitles but it is very easy to follow. A routine is an advanced routine that will require practice.



Great training video. A no brainer to learn. Takes a little practice, but in the end, great visual effects.



Most off this video is with subtitles, which isnt stated in his add, Except untill near the end when he starts speaking english, The video play time in total is 24.10 up to 20.32 he uses regular coins, which is with subtitles, Then at 20.32 he starts speaking english with a very short tutorial for the two jumbo coin routins.
They all start with demos on each one, followed by the tutorial, and the moves are easy to follow, and not difficult to learn, the moves are broken down into sections, being one at a time, repeting these moves at different angles, at the end of the regular coin routines he does a demo with all these moves put togeather, it woukd off been usefull if he did the full routine in slow mo first, to be able to follow allong, then do it at normall speed,
So at first i was disapointed with the subtitles, the background noise, and the piano music, But if you can deal with that, the tutorial and the moves are worth learning.
For a beginner the only one that would need practice is a coin roll, just have fun practacing this.
Overall i was pleased i managed to watch this download to the end, i gave up a few tines as i hate subtitles.
There are some great coin moves, some moves i new, and some i didnt no, Put all these moves togeather to create a really cool coin routine using just regular coins, disapointed with the two very short routins thats taught which is seperate to the rest of this download by just using the jumbo coin, which was the main reason for getting this,
Ummm, mixed views on this one,
If the issues were sorted out, this could be a good download.


Community questions about The Visual One

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  • Chas asks: For what skills level required

    • 1. Garry answers: Im fairly new to doing coin magic, and appart from the coin roll across your hand which is is fun one to learn, this is one out off the nine moves taught, the rest is easy to learn. But the download is mostly subtitles, apart from the jumbo short routine taught near the end he speaks english. Hope this helps.
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  • Blake asks: How are the angles for this effect?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you're doing the whole routine your audience should be straight on, but most of the moves are OK to view from the side.
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