Benson Burner

Magic download (ebook) by Tom Stone
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Benson Burner

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Magic download (ebook) by Tom Stone (19.20)

This is the ebook featuring Tom’s signature routine: perhaps the piece he is best known for. He has garnered standing ovations with “Benson Burner” at both of our conventions and with good reason. In less than four minutes, a trick with a bowl and three red balls expands into a flurry of magic, ending with more balls being produced than you can possibly imagine.

This may be one of the most stunning pieces of magic you will ever see.

23 pages


Customer reviews for Benson Burner



Having seen Tom Stone perform this live, when I decided I wanted to include the Benson Bowl in my act, I knew that it this routine would be the best one to learn from. Instruction comes in the form of an ebook, but visual learners can at least find videos of Mr. Stone performing his masterpiece on line. That, along with the thorough instruction in writing, should give you everything you need to perform this trick, except practice, rehearsal, and sponge balls. Lots and lots of sponge balls.



I found this routine on line and was knocked off my chair!! I loved it. Tom Stone is very creative and does some fantastic routines without involving knuckle-busting moves and flourishes. Then I saw that Vanishing Inc had this routine available. I got it right away. I was again, impressed. My "stage" days are about over, but I wanted to work on this one just because it was that clever.
I will probably never perform this live, however, it inspired me to build a new table, get a bag full of sponge balls, and even look for small balloons. It is well worth the money and I will search out other Tom Stone products. Two Thumbs Up. --Christopher David


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  • Chris asks: Do you sell the props for Benson Burner?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You need any bowl, any wand and lots and lots and of sponge balls. So yes, we sell lots of sponge balls :)
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