Magic by Tom Stone

Tom Stone is a creative genius! His two hardbound books are essential reading for every serious magician, and his work exemplifies all that is great about magic. Everything he touches is stunning, smart, and worth your time.
Tom Stone Lecture Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Tom Stone Lecture
Magic download (video) by Tom Stone - $15.00

Watch the amazing Tom Stone perform three fantastic close-up routines. Not only will you be let into his in depth philosophies, ideas and theories, but you'll learn the secrets to three of his most impressive close-up routines: One Coin Opener: A three-minute coin routine with a...

Of Dice and Men (Hug/Kill) Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Of Dice and Men (Hug/Kill)
Trick by Tom Stone - $65.00

Of Dice and Men is Tom Stone’s famous “Hug/Kill” trick. You bring a participant up on stage and explain that you are going to let the roll of a dice decide how you greet her. She shakes a dice in a cup and calls out the number. “Three!”. You remove the card with the number three from...

Factory Blanks Trick
Factory Blanks
Trick by Tom Stone - $35.00

Exclusive to Vanishing Inc. and Cardshark, we are so proud to bring you Tom Stone's Factory Blanks Deck.  Part science, part dual reality, COMPLETELY clever. It's a deck of cards with limitless possibilities. What is it? This deck of cards was carefully designed by Tom Stone to...

Vortex by Tom Stone Book
Vortex by Tom Stone
Book by Tom Stone - From $55.00

Open this book and you enter the mind of Tom Stone, one of Sweden's finest professional magicians and one of the world's most wildly innovative magical thinkers. Within a few pages you will be swept up and carried away by the creative whirlwind that is constantly blowing in Stone's brain. As you...

Silver and Sorcery Magic download (video)
Silver and Sorcery
Magic download (video) by Tom Stone - $9.95

The Cylinder and Coins is one of the most beloved and challenging coin effects in magic. Yet few performers are able to convey WHY we use the cylinder, the cork, and the coins. Tom Stone has an ingenious, new way to infuse the classic routine with more magic, and convey to everyone watching...

Maelstrom Book
Book by Tom Stone - $55.00

You are invited to collaborate in a creative experience with a day-and-night, seven-days-a-week professional, the inventive and always-thinking Tom Stone! You will need to bring with you: Playing Cards Coins Silks Multiplying Bottles Book Tests Billiard Balls...

Kings Castling Magic download (video)
Kings Castling
Magic download (video) by Tom Stone - $4.99

What begins as a clean, classic sandwich effect turns into a shocking transposition effect. Both phases are taught in great detail, and you will learn an effective control and switch that you can use for numerous other effects. Running time: 14 minutes, 30 seconds

The Annoying Four Magic download (video)
The Annoying Four
Magic download (video) by Tom Stone - $4.99

You remove three cards from the pack in an attempt to find the spectator's card. Annoyingly, every time you count the three cards, there are four cards present. Each time you remove one, yet four remain. At the end, you cause all the cards to disappear...except the selection. This is...

Caught On Tape DVD
Caught On Tape
DVD by Tom Stone - $35.00

Tom Stone has released a lot of material in print, and it seems like he never runs out of creativity. He is constantly exploring new areas, and he never limits himself to a particular genre.This DVD is an opportunity to see the man in action. Not only is Tom Stone a genius thinker; he's also a...

Of Dice and Men - Extra Cards Accessory
Of Dice and Men - Extra Cards
Accessory by Tom Stone - $15.00

Extra cards for Of Dice and Men by Tom Stone.Note: Made of cardboard