Expert Card Technique – Third Edition

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Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue ($11.99)

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Expert Card Technique – Third Edition - magic

Updated August 20th, 2014 Mahdi Gilbert’s new TEXT based PDF of Hugard and Braue’s classic book on advanced card handling, including two additional chapters by Dai Vernon and Dr. Jacob Daley.

They say that the best way to hide something is to put it in print. Expert Card Technique proves this rule. While at first glance it might seem like a reference book of familiar moves and ideas, it is in fact filled with rarely seen treasures and the real work on countless sleights. Jack Merlin’s ace routine has been a rite of passage for generations of knuckle busting card men; Jacob Daley’s double side steal has been dismissed by all but a few as completely impossible; and the Zingone Spread is the brilliant secret that lies at the heart of one of Juan Tamariz’s most devastating pieces. In addition to an extra chapter by Dr. Jacob Daley, this edition is particularly special because it includes invaluable essays on presentation and misdirection from Dai Vernon. Whether or not you’ve spent time with this book already, be prepared to find secrets that are worth keeping.


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Great reference for a lot of card magic! There are a lot of videos and resources elsewhere for card magic, but this book is like a one-stop-shop for a lot of card magic basics and tricks.


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