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In Between - magic

You probably know Michal Kociolek as the designer of our numerous book and DVD covers. You may not know, though, that apart from being a talented graphic designer, he's also a very clever magician who specializes in card magic. This ebook focuses on a rather intriguing Sandwich-style effect.

The spectator picks two cards, and using their values and suits, imagines a third card. The spectator then buries the two selections anywhere in the deck, face-up, while the performer has his back turned. The performer takes the deck back, executes one shuffle and spreads the deck. Sandwiched between the two face-up selections is one face down card; the spectator’s imagined card. "In Between" is simply a fooler.

This 36-page ebook covers the ingenious and devilish method behind this trick, its three versions (one of which, the "supercharged" version, will fool your magician friends -- is so fair it's not funny), and the crediting that's "beyond the call in completeness".

Even though the trick requires the ability to faro shuffle, an impossible looking effect like this is worth learning the technique if you haven't mastered it yet."

"Bravo! Your original "In Between" is just marvelous, but the "supercharged" version would have, without question, thoroughly fooled the pants off me if you had simply performed it for me." Jack Carpenter
"What Jack Carpenter said!" Tomas Blomberg
"Not only this routine (and its variations) will badly fool people, but you will also badly fool yourself the 1st time you do it. Welcome to the very clever magic of Michal Kociolek." Jean-Jacques Sanvert
"My seething hatred for Michal's genius can be best explained by the contents within these pages. This trick is just way too clever - you will fool yourself doing it the first time, and actually every time after that as well." Harapan Ong
"Michal Kociolek specializes in incredibly clever stacked deck effects which always possess methods of labyrinthian beauty. His manuscript, In Between, is in this line, and features several versions of a very unique effect: a card merely thought of appears sandwiched between two other cards." Bob Farmer

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In Between by Michal Kociolek