Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman
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Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman (10.00)

Pi - magic
Pi Pi

For thousands of years one number has fascinated humanity above all else; Pi. It is the number that never ends, has no patterns, and is difficult to memorize…until now!

In just 6 short pages, David Trustman (one of the world’s preeminent mnemonic artists) will teach you not only how to memorize 100 places of Pi, but also a method for memorizing any number.

With this download you will be able to recite Pi forwards and backwards, and able to call out sections of Pi. You will even be able to name the exact digit at an exact location. The performances section will give you ideas to make a demonstration as exciting as possible without any extra frills.

David Trustman is a RINGO Award nominated writer and artist, who co-authored The Memory Arts series, and created The Expert at the Card Table Graphic Novel.

PDF. 7 pages.

"Study In sPIte of My Poor Memory. You will have an incredible weapon in your arsenal. Doing only Pi would be a mistake. In 7 pages you have a tool to do incredible feats. I know his work changed my life...really. Will this change yours too?"Michel Huot

“Do you want to be ready and able to inspire and amaze anyone, anywhere at any time using only words? If you do you really should read and study Pi.”Chris Rawlins


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This is a really intelligent download. I’ll get more into that in a second, but first off, I wanted to address the error that the previous reviewer mentioned. I don’t see any such error in the number, so I guess it must have been fixed.

Now for the download itself. The art is really sleek and cool. I plan to print page 5 to hang on my wall. But beyond the look of the art, the method actually works and is super easy. And while I wouldn’t normally design an entire performance around Pi because that would just be absurd, incorporating Pi as one piece in an overall performance is a no-brainer now with the ideas that Trustman provides at the end.

Finally, my preteen daughter’s school always has a “how many places of Pi can you remember” contest. She already has 50 places down in such a short amount of time.

In my opinion this is a steal at $10.



David Trustman is a genius. He is the person directly responsible for memorizing Mnemonica (with his previous works). Now with this new work, he makes it responsible for me being able to memorize 50 digits of PI!!! I love this, it is amazing. It is incredibly fun and what a value!



I have had this for a day and I already have memorized 50 digits of PI


Jose Antonio

Nice way to memorize PI, but there is a mistake in the numbers, in the 4th serie (number 41 to 50) the real one is....950288 (in the booklet is 905288)



Not up to his usual standards. Sure, the info's there, but it seems slapped together quickly without any real insight. Feels like a "cash-grab" to me.


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