The Memory Arts

By David Trustman and Sarah Trustman
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The Memory Arts

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Book or download by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman (Book $50.00 or download for $37.50)

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The Memory Arts - magic
The Memory Arts The Memory Arts The Memory Arts The Memory Arts The Memory Arts The Memory Arts

Our new book shows you how to memorize any deck in less than an hour!

No prior memorization is necessary!

The Memory Arts is our most beautiful book to date. Full-color, with pictures on every page, this book details the simple, secret formula that will allow you to remember things better - and not just in magic. This system, based on all the great pillars of mnemonics, was developed by husband and wife superteam Sarah and David Trustman. Watch the trailer above to hear more from them and their incredible system!

They brought the house down at Magi-Fest 2018, when they showed the audience how to EASILY remember half of a memorized deck (Tamariz Stack) in FIFTEEN MINUTES. They build upon their earlier ebooks to bring you this comprehensive volume, combining their Book's A and B plus MUCH more.

They can do the same for you. And the best part is that once you read the book and incorporate their system, you'll be able to remember ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Not just the Aronson or Tamariz Stack, but other things from your life: phone numbers, to-do lists, your children's names. 

The book itself is worthy of any coffee table. It's full of original art that will help you associate each card or line item with a picture. And the book SPECIFICALLY tackles how to memorize both Aronson and Tamariz, and for those of you feeling ambitious, it's actually quite easy to memorize BOTH stacks, and switch between them. The Memory Arts shows you how with a breezy, fun, humorous writing style. The Trustmans have received RAVES about their system (including from Dominic O'Brien - the eight-time World Memory Champion), and now it's finally in one place.

If you've purchased their ebooks from us before, you know how helpful they are for memorizing decks and other information. This is the DEFINITIVE collection of their work. There is LOTS of new material here, including memorizing your own stack and crucially, how you can switch between stacks.

To download a sneak peek PDF of the book, click here.

"This book makes Memory Training fun!"Dominic O'Brien (World Memory Champion)
“Mental agility is an essential tool in magic, and memory is right up there among the most important. The Memory Arts is a beautiful book with stunning illustrations that presents memory enhancing skills, in a fun, picturesque way.”Simon Aronson
A teaching tool of unforgettable charm. The art of memory uses your imagination to remember anything and everything. And, this book is f***ing gorgeous!Dean Haspiel, Creator of The Red Hook
I have to say, I have conflicted feelings about telling people how great this book is—because there’s a pretty big part of me that wants to keep this stuff secret, so people will be impressed and buy me drinks for memorizing cards without a clue as to how easy it is.  I want everyone and their kids to read this. Arun Rath, Journalist, Radio host (NPR/ PBS)
"An innovative approach to learning about the greatest memory method of all: memory palaces. Through the joy of a beautifully written and illustrated book, you will end up with an instantly made, fully functional memory palace. Whatever you do with it, you’ll have fun!"Dr Lynne Kelly, author of The Memory Code
'The Memory Arts' by Sarah and David Trustman a fantastic read. It is one of the best books on memory.  I highly recommend it.Uri Geller
The memory arts book is the easiest and fastest way to learn mnemonica! Flash cards, songs, and rote memory weren't sticking. In one day I read this book and learned the whole stack. Makes me feel foolish wasting all that time trying to learn it any other way. Daryl Williams
This book is GORGEOUS. What's more, it is full of useful tools and systems that are both flexible and practical. You should read this, apply this and enjoy this.Chris Rawlins
The Memory Arts is a valueable asset for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient art of memory techniques. It will prove to be of intense interest to those who have tried and failed to memorise a deck of playing cards; with its interactive approach to teaching a memorised deck in lightening speed. For the student looking to deepen their ability with memory, this will be a hugely valuable addition to their library.Luke Jermay
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Customer reviews for The Memory Arts



This is not just a book. This book is itself a lesson, a class: an experience. What is says about memory and memorization is great, but what it shows about memory and memorization is even better.

The book begins with an easily digestible account of the history of the memory arts, which helps to situate the book. Then, the book begins to articulate the notion of a memory palace. Then, the book tries to show the reader how easy it is to create an organized memory palace by providing the reader with 26 sequential images, each associated with a different number. The book suggests that memorizing these images will make it easier to remember other things; that these images can serve as a sort of framework for building one's own memory palace.

I memorized these 26 sequential images fairly quickly. Then, about halfway through, I stopped reading the book. Completely. Not because I was tired of the book, nor because I felt that the book was not working. Rather, the book had so persuaded me of the powers of my own mind that I thought my energy would be better spent practicing memorized deck work directly. The lessons I got from the book stay with me.

This book is about memory, but it is also an exercise in memory -- and a valuable one. I would most recommend this to people who do not believe they could memorize a full-deck stack. When, after 20 minutes, and without trying, you have committed a bizarre picture-book story to memory, you may reconsider.

A delightful volume.



This is a beautifully illustrated and presented book teaching that holiest of grails - the memorised deck. I have been working my way slowly through this on and off for a while and my recall for each position in Mnemonica is pretty much spot on now - something I never dared dream possible before.

The book is well written and takes you step by step through learning a stack.

If you want to learn a memorised deck, then I can honestly say that this was the best method for me and this will be an excellent addition to your library.



My memory sucks. I mean really sucks. The visuals they give you in the book along with the instructions are right on the money. I honestly couldn’t believe I was able to do this but it works. Great book and currently sold out… for a reason.



This book is insane. I have a memory like a sieve, and using the techniques and imagery in this book, I learned the mnemonica stack in around an hour! If you're interested in memory techniques and how to apply them to magic, this book is the one for you!



Vanishing Inc books are always beautiful but this is simply gorgeous. The aesthetic pleasure of holding and flicking through this wonderfully designed volume really encouraged me to spend time with it and put the hours into learning Mnemonica. The memory system is one of the best I've come across. The images aren't perhaps as distinctive and memorable as I would have liked - Rick Lax's Memory Trainer does a better job of this. But, overall, it's worth every penny.



It works! I wasn't sure what to expect but after failing at learning the Mmemonica for years I figured it was worth a shot. Turns out that Juan Tamariz wasn't exaggerating in his book when claiming that you can learn the stack in under 3 hours... This book gave me the tools needed to finally make it possible. I didn't want to use the path provided in the book for the stack as it only relied on 26 pictures (2 cards per number) and having to do math when using the stack didn't seem very efficient for magic applications. So, I created my own pictures using the 52 locations provided and by the time I was done I finally knew the stack. Still can't believe that something that seemed almost impossible turns out to be so "easy" after all. I wish I had that book years ago.



A great book. If you want to learn a memorized deck or two, this is the book for you. 52 drawn pictures help you create a memory palace you can use for cards or anything else you want to commit to memory. Easy reading and fun to practice. The binding and quality are awesome as well.



Like so many Vanishing books, super creativity, production value, quality content. Just simply “worth it”—whatever price they put on it. And then the lessons in mnemonics and their application to magic. Must say I’m still working on it but even in 1 day, I can fully see where this is going and how I can get there. Just excellent.



This is the best book I’ve read on building a memory palace/path. I’ve tried a few different methods for memorization, but this one seems to just work best for how my brain processes things. It gives you history and context for various memorization techniques, and advanced techniques to really expand your memory palace. Because this has the full 52 step path, I would just go ahead and get this book over the stack specific editions if you want to specifically learn to memorize stacks. It is useful for everyday life as well, although I freaked my boss out a bit by recalling a series of numbers we had looked at the day before. Highly recommended!



This book is really well done. I have a great collection of magic and memory books and this one will be one of those classics everyone should own. No tricks are taught, however lifelong memory skills will be.

This book teaches memory techniques with 26 or 52 palace image stack. The book focuses on the Aronson and Tamariz stacks, but can be applied to any stack. For me, I learned it with the Redford and Tamariz stack using the 52 locations using the expansion pack 5 - deck builder.

With the book I was able to learn the Tamariz stack with 26 locations in less than 3 hours. My 12 yr daughter was able to learn two deck stacks with this book. She is also using the memory arts for school.



Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said. It's a fantastic read. Though I haven't read the whole book, what I have read is brilliant. It's simple and easy to read. One thing I really like over other "memory" books is all the pictures. Other books talk about creating pictures, but The Memory Arts SHOW you the pictures. Not that you have to use them, but it's a great thing to do and show. Love it and am already putting the ideas into action.



This one truly is amazing. If you are thinking about getting an e-book from these guys I would highly recommend buying the physical version. It includes everything from every book plus bonus material. The method itself definetly does work and it can be used in everyday life for anything. Highly recommended



OK, so I have posted this a couple times and have praised my friends for all they have accomplished. Now I am going to post my review. 4 Days! That is roughly how long it took me to lock in the Aronson stack. I do mean locked in. I can name card or number. Can tell you where are all four suits are located; in order or out of order! It really is amazing to think that I am able to pull them out this easy. I have tried many times to memorize a deck and could recall some of it for a little while, but that was as far as I got.
The book itself is of fantastic craftmanship. The size is very convenient. There is a book mark ribbon built in. I love that in a book! Pages are all glossy and heavy. Stiching and binding is very solid. Dust cover is nice, kind of like the brown paper bags we used to cover school books with. Overall, it is pretty book, that is worthy to be on anyone's shelf.
The content is entertaining and laid out in a convenient and enjoyable way. You can read the parts on the history or not. You are free to pick from multiple paths so you can learn what you want, how you want.
I made the decision to do one deck. The first day I spent about an hour locking in the names of the cards and the first 10 locations. I read the story up to 26 and stopped. Over the next three days, with a few hours each day I was able to memorize the remainder of the deck.
I find that now this morning, I have full recall of every card and every number. I can list where any suit is, starting at the beginning, end or in the middle. Not quite as fast as I would want for performance, yet, but fast enough to make me say that this book is the absolute best product I could have used to accomplish this!



Wow! I thought the idea of learning a stack in under an hour was just hype, but it really wasn't. I now know the Tamariz Stack thanks to the good people at Vanishing Inc Magic!!



Absolutely the best book on memory I have come across in a while. This book has a focus on the Aronson and Tamariz stacks and even teaches how to memorize 2 decks if you wish. The processes taught can take you well beyond cards and with being a student these techniques could very well help land me a great grade!

Whether it's magic, lists, numbers, facts, or anything really, you can apply these techniques with a small amount of tweaking and you have a fast way to memorizing anything! I memorized the card keys and first 26 journey locations in less than 20 minutes and this is my first step into studying memory arts. It has been a few days and all the info is still clear in my mind! Buy this book if you wish to learn stacks and re-learn how the brain is actually supposed to learn!




Bought this as i was interested in learning a stack (which I had never done before). Just reading through the starting 2-3 chapters of this book I was able to learn Juan Tamariz' signature stack in less than 30 minutes. Unreal.

I'm excited for all that this book can teach and I would have happily paid $50 to learn any stack in 30 minutes... let alone have such a fine book with SO MUCH MORE left to discover and apply.

5/5 Stars for sure!



This is AWESOME! The book looks incredible and is easy to read. This will help you not only with your magic but with your everyday if i can remember where I put the book! :)



This is an amazing book!!!! I’ve looking at The memory Arts by David and Sarah Trustman for a while now. Was about to get the Tamariz edition when this came out! I already know the Redford Stack and wanted to see if I could learn another Stack for the challenger and wow does this book do just that.

I was skeptical at first cause it took me months to feel comfortable with The Redford Stack cause I learned it manually with no real structure except patience and discipline. Like old school Karate or Kung Fu training everyday with Wax off and Wax on. But this book is like when Neo from the Matrix got jacked into the matrix and they uploaded martial arts into him and he knew Kung Fu in a split second!

I’m not saying you will learn this in seconds, but you will learn a Stack in 10 min as oppose to 5 months which is how long it took me to memorize the Redford Stack. I learned the Tamariz deck in 10 minutes. Like for reals!

Get this book! Like really!!!



Let's be clear, this book isn't a book on magic - it is magic. You get to learn a system that is so natural and easy to employ that you can commit anything (including a stacked deck) to memory - it's almost sickening good. Another wonderful product and don't be put off by the cost, once you've taken the message from this book you'll think it's a steal. Unbelieveable.



Although this beautiful book incorporates the Trustman's ebooks (all of which I own) and includes the same art pieces, many of which fill entire pages, it then goes beyond and teaches how to apply the method to memorizing anything. On the other hand if you'd like to have the additional info available, as well as have a bound book to keep open for ease of study, then get this edition also. $50 is a reasonable price for the quality of this volume. I cannot tell you the binding process, but it opens and stays flat without pages falling out. I prefer having this open on my desk all the time for review than an ebook.

VI Monthly


Fantastic! I loved the content of the ebook on the Mneumonica stack, but I did NOT like that the memory journey was only 26 "locations," and you had to do some mental math to go from location to card.
THIS book completes the information needed in order to memorize 52 cards at 52 story locations. AND a technique to memorize TWO stacks...WHAT?!? ...YES! Not that I would to that...if I can just get one down, I will be happy.
In any case, the information on memory is wonderful, but the book shines in the memory "journey" with colorful, memorable images to drive home the locations. I am excited to use this to get a stack down.


Mohammad Zubair

A pretty good book to memorise a deck of cards. Really nice visuals and storytelling. Easy to read and remember the visuals.

I am using this book to improve my memory and memorise many other stuff as well. But this book is entirely focussed on memdecks. Memorise 2 most popular stacks easily, and trust me .. memdecks can create magic performances for months together. Very useful book.


Community questions about The Memory Arts

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • David asks: I have the Tamariz download. Deciding whether to use the 26 pictures or all 52. In the printed book do they use all 52 and use only one card per picture? ( seems easier to me to have each picture correspond to ONE card not TWO

    • 1. Mark answers: Hi , This is why i bought the book too, I had the download first as well, it also has a few more things to help with stacks and memory palaces too, including a grisd system which is really good and not just for stacks. hope that helps. best Mark
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They teach both methods in the book.
    • 1. Mark answers: Hi , This is why i bought the book too, I had the download first as well, it also has a few more things to help with stacks and memory palaces too, including a grisd system which is really good and not just for stacks. hope that helps. best Mark
  • Raúl asks: Hi does this book helps you with the Tamariz stack?????

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you can learn the Mnemonica stack with this book.
  • Lawrence asks: I have both the previous printed softbacks—Books A & B. What is the “much more” content in this edition?

    • 1. Dottore answers: I don't have the soft backs, but I can tell you that the hardback has 341 pages, so you can use that for comparison.
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  • Sherman asks: Hi! I was wondering if this book also goes over how to clear your memory? I'm remembering past performance objects out of nowhere, and was hoping this time would be of service. All the same thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, this is just for how to remember things.
  • Charles asks: If I want to memorize the Aronson stack, then all I need is The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition. Is that correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
  • Tyrone asks: After reading the first few chapters, can i just skip and go straight to the full mnemonica stack? Or do i have to read the whole book?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's up to you. But yes, you could skip straight to the Mnemonica section.
  • Fabio asks: Does the methods used in the book work for any language (Such as italian) or does it only work in english??

    • 1. Jim answers: If you can read English well, then you will be able to read the book, and then adapt the ideas and words into Italian. It will require some creativity on your part, but nothing major.
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  • Ken asks: I purchased the book but got the Aaronson accompanying material. Can I get the Mnemonica material as well?

    • 1. Sarah answers: The Tamariz (Mnemonica) addition is here:
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  • Tim asks: The reviews seem to indicate that the material is very focused on the stacks. (Which is actually why I would be getting it). But do they talk about other applications as well? or just stay zeroed in on how to memorize a stack? (I.e. If I wanted to use their system to memorize 20 audience members names, or whatever)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The focus of the book is on memorizing a stacked deck.
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