The Expert at the Cod Table

Magic download (ebook) by Michael Breggar
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The Expert at the Cod Table

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Magic download (ebook) by Michael Breggar (20.00)

Books like this do not come along too often. (Especially in a downloadable PDF version)

With The Expert at the Cod Table, Michael has Scuba'd his way through thousands of non-existent pages by a non-existing gambler, author and musical saw aficionado to bring you his latest collection of - shall we say - "unique" - card magic.

You'll soon hold in your greasy little hands an InstaPot-pourri of remarkable, professional routines that you may be only a little bit embarrassed to perform.

Let's not be koi, as in Michael's previous literary outings this book is quirky, fun and funny. You'll find poker routines that give the power of the card shark to your volunteers (who's the "expert" now, Moses?), mentalism routines, a couple of unique ACAANs, a few off-the-edge thought-of-card divinations with even edgier revelations, a crazy routine that starts as a carny-game scam and rapidly turns into an impossible prediction, a card stab using a guest-check spindle liberated from your neighborhood delicatessen and even a word routine using cards with Scrabble tiles printed on them! Plus, a return visit from Michael's Martian friend, Vemple Paranozzle who shows how he (or she or it) is compelled to deal himself (or herself or itself) winning poker hands even when he (or she or it) always gets fewer cards than everyone else!

Fifteen routines in all and every one is 24-karat solid goldfish.

Through all this, you'll also find some semi-solid thinking, effect construction, new methods and lost methods re-porpoised. And for you history buffs, there's even a bio of the enigmatic S. W. Ordfish himself (at least as much as Michael felt like making up).

You need to dive right into this fine kettle of fish.

Quick ... before your air runs out!

Here's what a few blowfish have already said about The Expert at the Cod Table:

"I do enjoy reading good writing and I enjoy reading your books. You sure are one heck of a funny guy! Started chuckling almost immediately and really laughed out loud at '...confused with a hat-rack'! Well done!" Harry Lorayne

"Not all magic books are fun to read, but this is one that's fun to read and is as much fun to play with the pieces and create some antic fun for the audience." Jon Racherbaumer

"Once again Mike Breggar brings us another fantastic collection of material that's strong, funny and very entertaining. You will use many of the items in this new eBook." John Carey</cite

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