To Your Credit

Magic download (ebook) by Harapan Ong
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To Your Credit

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Magic download (ebook) by Harapan Ong (Free)

Like everyone at Vanishing Inc., Harapan Ong is passionate about crediting. So passionate that he's written a book about it. So passionate he's decided to give it away free.

In this 82-page ebook, Harapan explains the rules for crediting. The whys and wherefores and very practical methods to make sure you credit accurately when you publish.

He covers the problems with crediting, when and why one should credit, how to credit, crediting for moves, methods and effects, for presentation and context and more. No crediting stone is left unturned.

He explains how to research the history of something, how to ask for help and how to develop good habits.

If you're at all interested in magic - and you probably are because you're here - this is a must read.


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This is an exceptional resource for any magician who creates and intends to publish their magic. In an ebook designed not unlike an easy-to-digest Powerpoint presentation, Harapan covers comprehensive ground on the importance of research and crediting including best practices, rationales, approaches, and far beyond.

We should all strive to provide crediting that is thorough, ethical, responsible, and caring. This ebook leaves no stone unturned.



Harapan Ong has done a great job in publishing this text. It highlights the need for credit in the magic community as well as various nuances to the mechanism. The publication of this material itself is a highlight and motivation to other magicians to give applause, credits where they are due.



In this work, Harapan Ong makes a compelling and concise case for the importance of proper crediting when publishing something within the magic community. This is something anyone who wants to be an honest creator would benefit from. While one may not agree with all his points, it's worth reading through to at least get a baseline of how to properly credit. Plus, it's a short read and laid out in an easy to read format.

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This shows you how much crediting is important. If you want to write a magic book you need this ebook. It is eighty-three pages long and every page is worth reading. Proper crediting is very important and you need to do it on everything that isn't yours. You should get this book.



A great, important E-book that will only take a few minutes to read but could help you for a lifetime. A must for any performer looking to publish the right way.



A fine contribution to magical literature. The quality and extent of crediting across effects, books and DVDs amongst the fraternity is patchy to say the least. This presents an unanswerable case for assiduous crediting, making more than simply the moral case, and goes on to prove guidance on how to credit, research, and the like. Please read it - that it is a free e-book speaks volumes for Vanishing Inc's desire to contribute to the wellbeing of magic publishing. Thank you, guys!



The fact that this e-book needs to be publish may speak volumes about the poor state of crediting. But now that the author put everything down in writing, and articulated all that needs to be articulated, I hope that cuts down on all the "this has never been published before" type of hype that gets used in advertising these days.
Another important issue that needs to be discussed, now that magic has become globally accessible, is how to credit work in languages other than English. There are many works in German, Spanish, and Japanese, just to mention a few, that have not been translated into English but deserve to be credited. There may also be works in foreign languages that borrow from ideas published in English that get away without crediting the source in English. This may be because the author doesn't read English, or because of intentional negligence, which is inexcusable.


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