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Magic download (ebook) by Joshua Jay
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Under, Over

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Magic download (ebook) by Joshua Jay (Free)

My original idea was simple: I wanted to write a manual for young magicians, and I wanted it to be free. Being a magician can be tough, and so can being a teenager. Being both presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. The booklet I’ve written, and present to you here at Vanishing Inc Magic FOR FREE, is this idea come to life. I’m speaking here to young, serious magicians, but I hope that the tricks and advice I include will also be of interest to older, more seasoned practitioners.

So you’re a magician and you’re young. Your audience will notice your age; there’s no way around it. “Wow, he looks like he’s still in school,” a woman might whisper to her husband. “How good could he possibly be?” the husband might reply. The first part of this book, Under (as in under 18), is intended to help you find ways to make your age work for you rather than against you.  

The second part of the book, Over, is the part you’ll want your parents to read. Make no mistake—I hope you read it, too, but parents write to me all the time with questions such as, “Is this a good hobby for my son?” or “Is my daughter too young to become a magician?” or, a personal favorite, “Can you actually make a career out of this?” I’m in your corner here, and in Over I’ll make sure they see magic for what it is. (Oh, and check out the part where I tell them it’s okay to miss school for magic conventions!) 

In the pages to come, I’ll answer as honestly as I can some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received over the years. But there’s one question I won’t be addressing: “Should I become a magician?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, without hesitation, then you aren’t serious about magic. That’s fine—this stuff isn’t for everyone.

Most young people drift out of magic because they got into it for the wrong reasons. Some people get into magic because they want to know how stuff is done or because they think it’s easy once they know the secret. Some older ones are just looking for a way to get a date. Others are allured by cool-looking gadgets. But these reasons become unfulfilling; I mean, there’s only so much shelf space for unused magic. Most of these kids fade away when they discover girls or basketball. But there are a few of us who stay with it because we realize what magic really has to offer.

When I started in magic I was surrounded by an overwhelmingly supportive group of family, friends, and magicians. None of them charged me for advice, nor will I charge you. In a few years you will be a seasoned, adult performer, and invariably someone young will seek out advice from you. I hope this book and the spirit it is presented inspires you to share what you learned. 

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Customer reviews for Under, Over



I appreciate this because it’s real world advice and guidelines someone like Joshua Jay giving it is one of the best things out there. You will definitely gain something from this even though you are a seasoned magician with lots of experience. This is tailored for younger magicians but I think it’s still worth the time.



It was an absolute joy to read this book. It is primarily targeted towards young magicians and someone who is new to magic in general. The content is super sharp and has a strong continuity to it. I was able to get most of my questions answered after reading it and this definitely could be a great present for any aspiring magician.

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Real world advice and guidelines from one of the best and busiest magicians out there. While geared at the younger magician, anyone and everyone should give this a read at least once no matter what level you are. You will gain something from this ebook I guarantee it.



This is an amazing book. Thank you so much for creating this book, both Adults and children can both enjoy. Any young child or parent who is into magic should definitely read this book as it gives good tips and is enjoyable to read



If you are a young magician this is an absolute must. This ebook tells you about many different questions young magicians would ask. And then he teaches you a few tricks. That is the under section but then there is the over section. This section is for your parents to read and will help them know what to do with a kid that is into magic. Fantastic download.



This is super helpful for young magicians who are looking to start a professional career.
It was really interesting to see Joshua Jay's approach to tackling this problem and I'd recommend this to all beginning magicians.



I have many reviews on here in which I am amazed at the content that Vanishing Inc gives away for free. Not sure why I keep getting surprised. They really do have a passion for magic and it shows. This is another great example of wanting to inspire and empower young magicians... AND educate their parents. My wife recently gave birth to our first son and while you can't predict if he'll be into magic or not; if he is, he's reading this.



Wished I had this when I was younger, it would have been incredibly helpful in my fledgling years as a magician. It was very well written and provided lots encouragement and guidance for the young and even older magician. I really liked the section for the parents. I think it answered many questions and calmed the fears that many parents have about their kid magician.



Great website. Great information. Lots of really relevant stuff. And hands down the best customer service not only in the magic world but the best I have ever dealt with ever in any industry. Vanishing inc really goes out of their way to help satisfy their customers



Its great! I especially enjoy the chapter on scripting your magic. I was kind of needing some pointers on a lot of the stuff that this download talks about.



As the father of a young magician, I thought this book was really valuable.
Everyone who is in my position can benefit from the wisdom in this book.



Absolutely amazing.... This has helped me so much so far and I absolutely love it..... Everything you need to know is covered in this book...I highly recommend this!
Nice job Joshua!

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I would just like to congratulate Joshua Jay for inspiring all the teenage magicians out there!!! I am a teenage magician so this was particularly helpful for me and my parents!!!! Joshua Jay is an amazing author and he personally emailed me that I should read this!!! If you don't already see that you should get from the other reviews then I guess this is just a grateful thank you to Joshua!!!



I have said this to Josh in person many times...

Thank you so much for writing this. Any time in our local club here in Dublin a new younger member joins I recommend this book. Parents are, quite understandably, nervous about letting their child hang out with magicians. Will he neglect his school work? Are these guys ok? Is this some kind of cult? Etc etc.... All of these questions are legitimate and it is so wonderful to have a book that can be recommended to families that doesn't sugar coat either the pro's or the cons of magic as a hubby. So again... thank you Josh and Andi. Really this should be recommended by every club the world over for new members to read.




Josh, I LOVE this book. The format (short chapters that fit on my screen, Q&A, bringing in other experts, easy to read language) is perfect for those of us with a short attention span. I have been teaching magic for over a decade in summer camps and have often had kids ask me for a resource like this. Now I know! Thanks for sharing such great information for FREE! I have always enjoyed your columns and your lectures (I'm in the Atlanta area). Thank you for this excellent resource!



There is so much to say, I'll keep it short.
This is something I would have purchased, and been very pleased with.
My son and I have both read it numerous times already.
If you're reading this review,
do yourself a favor and just read Under,Over instead.

This was a great present to be given.

From my son, and myself, thank you very much.



Really helped me as a teenage magician. A really well thought through book that teaches you everything you would want to know. It is for the serious magician and helps you look at getting shows and creating routines and taking your magic to the next level. Over is also a great part for parents to read and you should strap and gag your parent to read this part until it has been engraved in their mind. Josh has finally wrote something for magicians who are teenagers and should be highly commended for this. Plus it's free where can you go wrong?



A well written bipartite book that offers advice to budding magicians and their parents. The part that is written for perspective teenagers offers rudimentary and sound advice that is likely to fuel the growing interest in the magical arts. The part of the book that is targeting parents, while may not be based on extensive parenting experience, leans heavily on emotional support. The book even teaches a few magic "tricks", and describes a path for growth. The balance is attained not only in the content, but also in the tone of the writing. My favorite part of the book was the little interview excerpts with other magicians (e.g. Parr, Garcia, Gladwin). The book is a terrific and generous offering.


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