How our downloads work

If you're thinking about purchasing one of our great magic downloads, these frequently asked questions and answers may help:

1. What file formats are the downloads?

Our magic video downloads are both streamable and downloadable. This means that the video plays directly in your web browser, just like the videos that you can see elsewhere on the site, or you can download them to your computer.

Ebooks are shipped in PDF format, which is a standard format that you can open with the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

2. Will the downloads work on a Mac?

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we're Apple fanboys at heart. So, all of our downloads work on a Mac ... and any other operating system for that matter (including Windows and Linux).

3. Do your downloads have any copy protection?

Our downloads are stamped with hidden information that allow us to see if any customer has leaked the video onto illegal download magic sites. So, if a file is leaked onto a site, we can look at the file and identify which user purchased it from us.

We also monitor access to downloads to ensure that your username and password has not been leaked and that other people are not downloading your purchases. This is for your protection.

4. How long can I access the downloads for?

For life! Unlike other magic websites, we don't expire your downloads. You can come back and view your downloads as often as you like!