Vanishing Inc. Masterclass Trial and Overall Program T&Cs

  • Your Vanishing Inc. Masterclass Trial lasts for 7 days

  • If you cancel your trial early, your streaming access will end immediately

  • You can only take the trial once. If you have previously signed up, you will be ineligible for this trial. 

  • The same credit card cannot be used twice for different trials

  • Unless paused or canceled, you will be automatically billed on the start of the 8th day for a prorated amount 

  • Once this prorated payment is complete, you will be considered a full Active Subscriber

  • All Active Subscribers are billed automatically for the full Masterclass rate on the first of every month regardless of when your prorated charge was made (example: If your trial ends on June 26, you will be automatically charged a prorated amount on June 26th and then the full normal rate on July 1. You then won't be charged again until August 1)

  • The billing cycle continues on the 1st of the month automatically unless your subscription is paused or canceled

  • During your trial period, you will have streaming-only access to the back catalog of Masterclasses, as well as the VI Studio streaming library. (some exceptions apply)

  • Your trial also includes streaming-only access to any sessions from the current active Masterclass lecturer that have already occurred, or occur within the timeframe of your trial. 

  • However, unlike an Active Masterclass Monthly Subscriber, those in a trial period will not be able to download that month's lectures, nor will you be eligible to join the live Q&A.

  • The ability to download lectures and also permanently store them in your personal Vanishing Inc. account is only available to Active Subscribers. Even if you pause or cancel your subscription, you will still be able to access any lectures that occurred while your account was active. 

  • If your trial carries over into a new month, and you choose to become a full subscriber, you will only receive download access to that current month's lecturer. (Example: You start your trial on May 28th and it concludes on June 4th. You will be charged the prorated rate on June 4th and have the ability to download the June lectures. The May lectures will remain streaming only)

  • If your trial ends, and you become an Active Subscriber, you will immediately be able to download that month's lecturer (including any that occurred before your trial started) and keep them forever.

  • If you become an Active Subscriber before that month's live Q&A happens, you'll also be permitted to join the Q&A 

  • All past Masterclasses that occurred while you were not an Active Subscriber of Masterclass Monthly remain available to purchase separately as "downloads" for those who wish to have permanent access

  • Customers are only eligible for a Masterclass Trial once (including any previous iterations of this trial program)

  • You can easily pause or cancel your subscription from your account, but these requests must be made at least 3 days prior to the start of a new month. Vanishing Inc. cannot guarantee that any requests made less than 3 days prior to the start of a new month will be fulfilled. 

  • Streaming access to past Masterclasses is only available while you are an Active Subscriber. If you choose to pause or cancel your membership, your streaming access will be revoked on the 1st of the next month. 

  • Any Masterclass that occurred during a period where you were an Active Subscriber remains in your account permanently. You can stream or download it directly from your account, even if your Masterclass Monthly subscription is no longer active.

  • Vanishing Inc. Masterclass subscription fees are non-refundable

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