Why do I have to pay import duties, customs charges or taxes?

When a package is imported from the United States or United Kingdom into your country, your government may reach out for duties and/or taxes. Vanishing Inc. has no legal control over this. If your government requests this, you must pay these import fees to get your goods. This is because most countries require imports to be declared and taxes assessed.

If you need more details regarding this process, please check your government’s website for its policies and procedures.

As of July 2021, the way everyone in the EU has to pay tax when buying items from a country outside the EU changed significantly. Vanishing Inc. has worked hard to make this as easy as possible for the Vanishing Inc. Family. You can find out more about the EU VAT changes here.

Every legitimate magic company follows the same laws and is subject to packages being placed in the same situation with your country’s customs department. This is not unique to Vanishing Inc.

Please be advised that you may be given the offer to deny the shipment. This is your right to do so. However, Vanishing Inc. will not be able to refund you or reship the package until it arrives back at our warehouse. This can sometimes take weeks. Additionally, depending on your country, denying a shipment may incur an additional fee. Any extra fees will be deducted from your total refund. Please also read the terms carefully before denying a shipment. In some cases, a denied package may be destroyed and Vanishing Inc. cannot be held responsible for any destroyed packages. We must receive the items back to us before we can refund you.