Producing Balance - Documentary

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Producing Balance - Documentary

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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. (Free)

Balance was the most ambitious project we had ever embarked upon. It began in 2014 and took almost five years for us to bring it to market.

We filmed the entire process, from start to finish, and produced this mini documentary which you can download absolutely free.

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  • randy asks: How do you keep spectator from bumping the table hard to try to get it to fall or quickly reaching up to see if it is easy to topple

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is not designed to be performed with the spectator next to you . It is designed for them to be a few feet away.
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Customer reviews for Producing Balance - Documentary



This documentary was amazing! Josh if you see this I just want to thank you and your team for the attention to detail in this trick! I wasn’t so sure wether or not I wanted to buy the trick after watching this video, I’m ordering one by the end of the night!!



A brief, interesting peek behind the curtain.

How about a more extensive documentary on how the team turn ideas into routines?



Amazing documentary! I am now thinking about purchasing balance because of seeing how much time and effort was put into the product!



Really interesting to see the production process from concept to consumer delivery!



Great documentary. While everyone always wants to know the secret, often time there is little recognition and appreciation of the vision, mechanics and hard work and dedication that goes into producing such a complex piece of magic that can also double as a fascinating work of art! Well done and thanks for the passion.



Great documentary I gives you a really good behind the scenes look of balance by Joshua Jay. It is to one hundred Prozent the best trick of the entire year. It is a bit expensive. But still I love the documentary I even tried to build it myself.





very interesting behind the scenes look at a great trick.

Producing Balance - Documentary by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc.