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Magic download (video) by Rune Klan
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Rune's World Sampler

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Magic download (video) by Rune Klan (Free)

See the crazy Dane in action, for free right now! Rune Klan is the most famous magician you’ve never heard of, and even if you have seen clips on YouTube, they are always in Danish. Here, we’ve provided subtitles so you can understand what’s happening. See Rune entertaining huge theaters of people—doing parlor, illusions, and even close-up. It’s unlike any magic you have ever seen: think Amazing Johnathan meets Mac King. The clip is free, as a small taste of our biggest exclusive release yet. 

As part of the same download package, we're even including a free sample chapter from the book too. Learn two moves and two tricks in this free 15-page PDF.

Rune’s World, a huge book and companion DVD, is now available for preorder HERE. The huge book details Rune’s innovative close-up and his zany parlor material. Oh, and because we wanted to make the book special, it also comes with a companion DVD of Rune performing and being interviewed.  

Adult Themes. Recommended for ages 18 and over.   

Sample, 15 pages


Customer reviews for Rune's World Sampler



Rune Klan is one of the most creative, funny, unique magicians we have today, and this sample of his book Rune's World offers up a fitting - if fleeting - glimpse into his brain. A standout here is the Ouch Move: a colour change that is aptly named because it quite literally hurts to perform. If you can't get your hands on a full copy of Rune's World, this is a great way to whet your whistle.



This is a great download that you should definitely get. You get a twenty page ebook with two tricks. One is a coin vanish and the other is a cool color change. Can't wait to try them. You also get a twenty minute show with subtitles in English. This is a great preview for Rune's World.



Really cool performances from Run Klan. Although he speaks a different laugh than me, there are subtitles in English which make it easy to understand the performances. Super entertaining.



As always, the vanishing Inc crew prove why they should be the one stop shopping location for magicians of all levels.
(Btw, immediately after my previous post, the video was fixed, and I was contacted. Everything these guys do, offer, introduce, etc., is top notch. My experience is that if it's not up to VI standards, it's not's just omitted. The focus is always on providing top quality across the board, instead of wasting everyone's time on pointing out what isn't.)
Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, let me add my review of Rune.
He's really a jack of most entertainment trades.
I prefer to watch his small crowd work, but this clip gives a glimpse of how the man really does think outside of the box.
If this is his approach to a larger crowd, then it is a fair representation of his presence at every level of his craft.

Nontraditional, but amazing. Self depreciating for a laugh...anything for a laugh..while still showing his superior skills, and teaching abilities humbly.
His explanations are so relaxed, that even when he is explaining a difficult, original, bizarre, presentation, you feel at ease, and are doing it before you know it.
He is the type of performer who will leave you rewatching his effects, long after you've gotten the foundations down, just because he's fun, and you can find "just one more thing" with every viewing.

Bottom line. (Finally!)
The guys a hoot!
And a person who has created his own niche in the community that fills a void I never thought was even there.
This clip is more of a glimpse of his creativity, and a subtle warning as to what to expect should you precede. Do so with a supply of Prozac handy ;)
His material alone, aside from the "zany" way HE chooses to promote it, might not work for you, or me, but is all adaptable to any stage persona we adapt once we have the victim (s) in front of us.
And if you're concerned with his English, anyone who's been exposed to him from Joshua's DVD's realizes that his command of the language is more than passable.

Rune is still basically unknown in the US.
I look forward to that day, coming soon, when Joshua, and this tight circle show the world just how amazingly talented they all are.

We're all in for a giant treat when that happens.
The only ones who may not like the emergence of this troupe, are certain others that are in the spotlight right now.

I'm sensing my soapbox just got kicked out from under me by the staff here, so I'll reel it in.

Rune is great. Check him out.

Get past is sense of humor if you don't like it, (I didn't at first), and look at what he is doing.
You are guaranteed to walk away a fan, and as a performer you'll have a few new additions to your set.

Continued good luck to Rune, and the VI family!



For some reason this is the only video that won't play for me from this site.

Having said that, thanks to the exposure given to Rune in Joshua's DVDs, (Each one better than the next by the way.),I am confident that it is fantastic.

I have it, site unseen, on my next magic purchase wish list.

I'll be sure to write a fair review though, once I can actually watch the video.

All my best to everyone.



Rune's World Sampler is definitely funny and interesting at the same time. The download comes with the video and Joshua Jay's sample pdf which is in english and has good illustrative demo. The only caveat here is that the video is not in English but it does have subtitles.


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