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Magic download (ebook) by Florian Severin
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What Lies Inside Sample

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Magic download (ebook) by Florian Severin (Free)

What Lies Inside is the greatly expanded, updated English edition of a best-selling German book on mentalism (originally titled 13 Steps to Vandalism!). Florian Severin is a respected mentalist in his native Germany. In this acclaimed collection, he details sixteen chapters of mentalism effects and theory.

In this free download, you will receive an entire chapter (19 pages in total), with a full explanation of an amazing telephone book prediction effect.

Once you have read the sample, be sure to find out What Lies Inside the rest of the book!

What Lies Inside

Customer reviews for What Lies Inside Sample



While the showcase pieces that are available in the sampler, may not be the strongest effects in the book,
the sampler download for Severin's "What Lies Inside" gives a fairly accurate representation of the style and the character of the illusions contained in the published volume, as well as the author's approach. This sampler piqued my interest enough that I bought the book on the secondary market, as the book is currently out of print. I hope VI reprints this book.



Playful, practical, clever mentalism in this sample of a since out-of-print Vanishing Inc book that I've heard repeatedly is one of the company's best ever. Florian Severin's work piques my interest in this small excerpt and makes me crave the chance to get my hands on a copy of the full book!



This ebook is a preview of "What lies inside", which is aimed primarily at mentalists and has some relatable content for magicians too. There is an explanation of one effect (telephone book prediction), and has greatly convinced me to consider buying the full book at some time.



Very good book. highly recommend as it is free and contains some good stuff. Considering buying the hole book. Thank you VI for making this free. i'm defiantly using some of this. such a good sample. I love this



This is a good sampler of the book what lies inside. In this sampler you will get a twenty page eBook. There will be one effect and some advice on patter and some books to read. This is a great download for mentalists and magicians. I would highly recommend it.



Great preview of the English translation of this book. Good for mentalists and if you read this then you'll definitely learn something new.


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  • Ashraf asks: Where's the full PDF

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The book is here, https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/stage-and-parlor-magic/what-lies-inside/ , but it's not available at the moment
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