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Nine Black Cats Magic download (ebook)
Nine Black Cats
Magic download (ebook) by Neema Atri and Lorenzo Cobo - $29.95

In ancient Persia, the black cat was thought to be a higher self that was to accompany you on your earthly travels, and those who ignored them did so to their own detriment. The same could be said of this volume, which has effects and essays designed to accompany you in your magic travels, and...

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The Works - Deluxe Collection Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Works - Deluxe Collection
Book by Jamy Ian Swiss - $175.00

Vanishing Inc. Magic publishes many books—more, in fact, than any other magic publisher today—and we’re proud of all of our titles. But Preserving Mystery is an important book, one that will be studied and discussed long after most books fade into the periphery. We...

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Haunted Box (Deluxe) Trick
Haunted Box (Deluxe)
Trick by Joao Miranda - $350.00

Have you ever performed an effect that literally made everyone at the table jump in surprise? Would you like to? João Miranda helps answer both questions with his diabolical Haunted Box, a very clever illusion guaranteed to amaze your audience.  Imagine this scene:...

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