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iSolation Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink - $34.95 NOW $11.25 (SAVE $23.70)

"iSolation" is the mobile version of the classic "Card Trough Window", done with your mobile phone's protection case... IN the spectator's hand. A card is selected by the spectator and may be signed. Next, a corner is initialized by the magician and torn off. You pull out your iPhone...

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Pinky Swear DVD
Pinky Swear
DVD by Doug Conn - $15.00

In 1999, Paul Cummins wrote the book Tricks of My Trade, introducing Doug Conn to the world. It sold out. Since then, Doug has been focusing on real world performances and now, 13 years later, he is back with this new 45-minute long DVD where he proves once again that he can rock your world. ...

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Covert Adaption Trick
Covert Adaption
Trick by Mark Elsdon and James Anthony - $125.00

A sellout device at The Session 2016, the Covert Adaptions device allows your spectator to write down a number, a picture, a word, anything, and you can instantly reveal the secret information. You can use any pen, any pencil or any Sharpie and have a real-time full peek, right in front of...

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