At The Table Live Lecture Brandon David

Magic download (video) by Brandon David
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At The Table Live Lecture Brandon David

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Magic download (video) by Brandon David (7.95)

One half of the duo that brought you the wildly popular Envy-lope effect, Brandon David is a creative tour-de-force. In his lecture, Brandon brings over 4 hours of killer visual eye-candy that you'll be thrilled to perform. These are unique signature pieces that Brandon has kept for himself until we finally convinced him to release them just for this lecture. Come join us as we welcome Brandon David for his first online lecture ever. Here's what you'll learn:

2 Card Transpo: Two signed cards impossibly change places in the spectator's hands. This is an easy-to-make utility gimmick that will allow you to switch playing cards, bills, business cards, billets, etc., and you can even use it as a peek!

Signed Card to Pocket: A freely selected and signed card is cleanly sandwiched between two business cards. Visually the signed card vanishes and instantly reappears in your back pocket. There's no palming, it's super easy to do and it resets automatically.

Signed Corner Restore: Pure Eye Candy! The corner of a playing card is signed by your spectator. You slowly tear off the signed corner and show the two pieces separate from each other. You then proceed to visually fuse them back together and immediately hand it out as a souvenir.

Oops, I Ripped It Again: Accidental magic at its best! Image you go up to perform your usual card routine and upon taking the deck out of your pocket, you realize the card case was "accidentally" ripped. You then proceed to fully restore the case and it can instantly be handed out for examination. This just might be your new go-to opener.

Zig-Zag Card: A freely selected, signed card on both sides is visually cut into three pieces like the classic stage illusion, "Sawing-A-Lady-In-Half." This ultra-visual piece of magic allows the selected card and their signature to ALWAYS be seen and NEVER go out of view.

Ring on Chain: You borrow a ring and hand your necklace to your spectator. You proceed to visually link and unlink their ring on the chain even though they're holding on to both ends. Everything begins and ends fully examinable.

Note: The lecture will be aired on March 6th


Customer reviews for At The Table Live Lecture Brandon David



As said by other reviews, this is a must have for anyone who is into gimmick making. All of the gimmicks are awesome, and not too hard to make. Sure, some of them take a while (I'm taking about the zig zag card), but it is definitely worth your time. Brandon is a genius, and these gimmicks are both visual and practical for the real world. Thank you so much Brandon for this awesome lecture.



Do you like making gimmicks, or want to start? Then this is a MUST.

Each effect is visually awarding pieces of magic with effects feeling like they could've been single realeases.

Also the gimmicks don't require a lot of materials to make, and most likely you have the materials all ready, if not there is nothing hard, or expensive to get.

Everything is explained in detail and nothing is hard to make.

I'm fact after looking at some of the effects, even magicians who haven't made gimmicks yet will be running to the arts shop to make some of this eye candy magic.



If you are really into gimmicks and gaffs, you will enjoy this lecture. Lots of fun ideas and visual presentations. Zig-Zag Card is really cool along with 2 Card Transpo. Unfortunately, I bought this lecture solely on the Signed Corner Restore effect and was disappointed as it closely resembles Blake Vogt's effect Regeneration. Slightly different gimmick build but common, pretty darn close. And you could apply the same principle to Blake's to achieve the signed corner. I'm quite surprised Brandon is able to release his version despite being so similar to Blake's.

Overall, lot's of gimmick building and arts and crafts but worth it if you're into that sort of magic!


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