Chris Ramsay Live Lecture

Live lecture by Chris Ramsay
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Chris Ramsay Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Chris Ramsay (7.95)

Vanishing Inc are please to be able to offer you Chris Ramsay's first lecture at the 'At the Table Experience', covering the likes of The Praxis Control, Slipshift and Klepto, as well as all of his trade secrets and much more.

Chris is best known for his appearance on Wizard Wars and his ever growing social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He's a sleight-of-hand artist who brings his personalised aesthetic style to not only his routines but also to his branding.

In this lecture Chris takes a look at past releases such as The Praxis Control (a very fooling card control), Slipshift (colour change) and Klepto (card Steal). He's also brought some never before seen or published effects, such as a clever and hilarious watch steal routine and fantastic opener for stage mentalism.

Download today and catch what was an unforgettable At the Table Experience.


Customer reviews for Chris Ramsay Live Lecture



Ramsay at his best!



It's Chris Ramsay. Enough said, right? He has reached his level of popularity due to his skill in both performing and teaching. This lecture is jammed packed with useful techniques that span "genres" of effects. At this price, you can't go wrong.



Ramsay is one of my favorite magicians on YouTube and this lecture includes a bunch of stuff that is very clever and worth performing. "Voodoo" has become one of my go-to tricks, and depending on how you frame it, can range in emotion from lighthearted and fun to spooky and eerie. The "time travel" trick is also very clever and, once you get used to the handling, looks really cool.



This is a great At the Table from Chris Ramsay. he teaches you a lot of great sleights that are fun to do. My favorite was the Praxis control. Also, most of these sleights are pretty advanced but if you are willing to put the work in, they are great.



Firstly would like to say, this is a must purchase, Chris goes into many in depth sleights and routines, I was surprised at how low it was marketed at. This is worth more than your paying for so BUY IT!!!



At first I should say I really like Chris Ramsay's style in magic. It was over 2 and a half hours of magic! He answered a lot of questions.
What he teaches?
-Klepto Steal and Marvel Change: these are from his release called Scynchronicity. This is a silent and invisible card steal, which can be done as a color change (marvel change). With this steal, you can palm the card with your both hands (i mean which hand holdds the deck, and the other hand).
-Voodo card (i'm not sure what's the name of it) this is a very clever routine. A spectator selects a card from the deck. He/she signs the card, and the card losts in the middle of the deck. Than the spectator draws his signed card's copy on a blank card. The copy is burned by a lighter, and a piece has torn off. Just a snap, and when the magician spreads the cards, there's a burned card in the middle, and it's the spectator's SIGNED card! Amazing trick.
-Praxis Control: this is a very fooling card control, you can check the video of it on Chris Ramsay's YouTube Channel. It's a little bit ange sensitive, a little bit knacky, but that's a great idea! He teaches a cool sandwich routine, using this control.
-Spread and Butter: he taught this routine on 52Kards YouTube channel for free. It's a good chosen card teleportation. There's a very very clever switch that happens when you do the ribbon spread.
-Time Machine: Chris's take on the time travelling plot. It's a little bit angle sensitive, but I llove practicing the move.
-inked pocket ( i don't remember thereal name of it) this is an effect, which looks like you never decided to do when you perform it. The effect is: the spectator selects a card, and the magician pulls a pen out of his pocket (for signing the card), but pen is broken and the ink is leaked.the performer shows his pocket, and it is full of ink. Than he shows the other side of his pocket and the ink is formed the pip of the chosen card! Than the magician blows on the pen, and it is restored. Than he shows his pocket again, and it comes completely clean.
-Fishing, finishing, I don't know the name of it: it's a really clever force when you fan the cards, and have the first spectator remember a red card, than the second spectator remembers a black card. Than the magician can name the chosen cards! I think it isn't so practical, but still an awesome idea!
-Chris's take on the card to pocket plot: the magicians phone held by the spectator. Have the spectator choose a card, and tear off a corner of it. Then the magician is touching the phone's screen with the torn corner. The corner vanishes, and appears on the screen. Than have the spectator slide out the corner, so they're holding an invisible corner. The spectator puts the invisible corner into his/her pocket. The magician ask him/her to take the corner out of the pocket. And they find the REAL corner of their selection!
-If you read the description of the lecture, it says, you'll learn the Slipshift. But you won't. Cause Chris ran out of time I think.
-False watch steal: one of the spectators (who never had a watch) stands next to the performer. Than the magician flashes his own watch behind the first spectator's head, other's think he stole the spectator's watch in an unbelieveble way. Than the magician gives the spectator the watch as a gift. For the spectator it's a gag, for the rest of the audience it's pure magic :)

all in all, it's a great lecture! I enjoyed it so much! Thanks!


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  • David asks: Hello, my name is David Jade. I'm the creator of "Swing Control".I also had a sandwich effect. Published. There are already 22 years in, "Magic Magazine" in 1998. Renamed in this video under another name, With the sandwich round. I've already left a comment on the man's Youtube channel. Because in his channel, Youtube. He was doing that check,Where he said it was his favorite control.And he didn't know who it was. It's about him. I never got back. (I have this recorded video of his channel. Youtube) So I bought Chris Ramsey's lecture that I didn't need,I had to clear the doubt. He's using my control. I'm getting tired of these manifest thefts of my techniques and my tricks. Many of my contacts that I've already warned will be able to attest to the veracity of what I'm saying. David

    • 1. James answers: I would recommend contacting the creator or publisher directly about this.
    • 2. David answers: Thank you for your answer I just downloaded the background of "Chris Mayhew" he also uses it my principle, with control and exchange of cards. internet and social media does not only bring good.this new generation without ethics I have had enough. David.
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