Christopher Taylor - Live Lecture

Live lecture by Christopher Taylor
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Christopher Taylor - Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Christopher Taylor (7.95)

Many of the world's greatest mentalists and magicians have used Christopher's handiwork to achieve astonishing and impossible feats. Feats that have been featured in dozens of television magic specials alongside some of magic's most famous names, including Dynamo, David Copperfield, Aaron Crow, Criss Angel, and David Blaine. Join us as Christopher Taylor shares some of his favorite effects right here, At The Table. Here's what you'll learn:

The Recipe - Perfect for stage, parlor, or close-up. This is five minutes of classic mind-reading, using not much more than a single envelope, a pen, and a polished script.

Hotel - Christopher's super-clean version of the Bernstein & Cassidy classic, Name and Place. It's 6 minutes of baffling mind-reading for close-up or parlor. No billet switches or tearing are used, just business cards and a pen.

Warriors - A charming story-driven effect done with cards.

Hero - DIY Version - Real heroes never escape their adventures unscathed. A participant becomes the hero of the day after imagining themselves rescuing a child from a burning hotel, only to find that the room number they found the child in appears in ash on the back of their hand. Except for a small vial of ash, the performer's hands are shown empty the entire time. Downloadable photos are included.

On Pocket Billet Indexes - Tips on the use and handling of this super versatile mentalism prop, including integrating billet switches, with examples provided through two of Christopher's favorite close-up routines, Reverse Line Up and Metta Cartomancy. Templates for making your own indexes are provided.

Qi Coin - An easy-to-perform coin bend routine that blends magic and theatrics in a wonderful presentation that can involve multiple spectators.


Customer reviews for Christopher Taylor - Live Lecture


Pranav Harish

Really good lecture. Really recommended for people who like close-up mentalism. Really good.



Greg Wilson has more fun hosting than usual, which is saying something.
Christopher opens with a card force, claiming that a deck he designed and markets is actually a standard item which wives buy to pester their husbands; after Christopher reveals the color green, Greg points out that the card he was pestered to read said "Muted Green" and quips, "Off by one." This is topped by the revelation of the prediction, which is written in red. There is no out. This inexplicable miss is amply covered by guessing a number between 1 and 100 without using a nail-writer; Christopher explains that if you do not want to buy his "paint chip" deck you should force images of dead people on your restaurant customers instead.
25 minutes later, he does another trick; Greg gets even sassier so Christopher ships him in a gay hotel fantasy and then guesses a completely different number between 1 and 100, this time without using a center-tear. Greg groans and shudders. Acidus Novus is explained.
Christopher is an expert at covert electronics and martial arts, neither of which are demonstrated. He claims more than once that dead magicians have given him permission to expose their material, which is impressive even if they did so before dying.
A throwback to the pre-Spidey days, this is a casual performance of "mentalism" that has lessons for us all. Eugene Burger, Bob Neale and the PATEO Force are recommended, paying for the price of the lecture. When Captcha asked me to pick three photos with cars in them, I thought it was a bonus effect.


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