Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams (The Other Brothers) Live Lecture

Live lecture by Darryl Davis and
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Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams (The Other Brothers) Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Darryl Davis and (7.95)

You may not have heard of the Other Brothers... But that's because for the past three years, they've been the magical force behind some of the top named magicians and created countless effects saving the best for only themselves and their audiences. 

This year all that changes. Not only will you find them lecturing and performing at places like Magi-Fest and Blackpool, but they've also begun publishing the impressive library of effects that they've built up over the years. This duo is not to be missed. We will have them live At The Table, where we'll have the opportunity to sit down and learn some of this wonderful magic from these two hidden gems.


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I have some of the other brother's effects. I thought they had only have done at the table lecture once. I was wrong, they have done two and I missed there first lecture completely. The first three effects: 2 man opener, hands down, and call waiting provide some clever mentalism routines or applications and we'll worth the price of the lecture.



This is a super fun lecture with loads and loads of amazing tricks. Their road to Rome trick was my favourite, where you reveal a thought of card using another thought of card. I also loved their rubber band routine and the one with the timer. Great lecture, highly recommended



This is such a fun lecture to watch, it really feels like a jam session with some friends. The material in this is really good and creative.



So far in 2016 there have been 15 At The Table Lectures, with one still planned for this month, but I can safely say that if you’re wanting to buy just one lecture this year. This is a full 3 hours, packed lecture. The Brothers go into detail over some of their recent products that have taken the magic community by storm (all of which as worth the price of the lecture alone, in my opinion), as well have a few hidden gems and even go over some interesting experimental pieces. These are just a few of the things that’s stood out to me the most from the lecture:
Hands Down- This is their version of the Which Hand plot, it’s short, sweet, simple and impromptu. You can do this effect with nothing, just an imaginary ball in the spectator’s hand will work. The Brothers show and teach a simple yet powerful Left & Right hand reveal, for other variations you can check out their download/DVD. This is something I know I will use, it’s a worker, gets amazing reactions, you don’t need to carry anything (accept maybe a pen to write a prediction if you choose to perform that way). As a personal recommendation I’d couple this with an equivoque of some sorts (Check out Chris Ramsay lecture as well for one I’ll be using with Hands down) to create this really hands off, and stunning routine.

Card Waiting- I can’t go into too much detail with this one, but it is a magician fooler. Free selection, everything shown in the fairest way possible, yet the card is revealed in the most impossible of ways. This is something you’ll have ready at all times, and something that you will get a kick out of experimenting and playing with. Highly recommended.

Svendulum- I wanted to highlight this piece because It is very unique and something you won’t see a lot of magicians doing, using a pendulum. Svendulum creates an impossible mental experience...that happens all in the spectator hands. Not enough mentalism effects have the spectator experience something like this while you’re doing nothing. This effect has definitely inspired me to go out and buy a pendulum and research further into this area of magic.

Experimental effects- Throughout the lecture the Brothers show off 3 to 5 of their effects that they’ve only started working on within the last few weeks, calling them experimental. It’s incredible to see their creative and how they’re able to take an idea and flesh it out so much within a few short weeks. Since these ideas aren’t 100% finished, the Brothers encourage you to work on them yourself and to even contact them if you’re able to come up with your own ideas using these effects and even go over how working with a partner has benefitted them and our creativity.

Overall this is one of the best lectures I’ve seen to date. The material throughout is workable, fun and easy to perform and will get you thinking up of ideas all over the place. Very highly recommended and if you’re considering purchasing a lecture, don’t hesitate to watch the Other Brothers.



Truely wonderful, easy, and FUN material. This is a STEAL! A must have in any magician enthusiast library...and personally I feel this is the new generation of Penn and Teller super hybrid! Really great to watch...filled with so much info! Oh my...x-Mas in Aug! Love it....


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