Garrett Thomas Live Lecture

Live lecture by Garrett Thomas
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Garrett Thomas Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Garrett Thomas (7.95)

Garrett Thomas needs no formal introduction. A genuine master in his craft, Garrett is one of the few magicians who can claim the titles of innovator, performer, and all around genius. While Garret was releasing hit effects like, "Banded", "Imagination Coins", and "Stand-Up Monte", he also focused his creative ingenuity as a behind the scenes consultant to David Blaine, and here At The Table, he'll share that brilliance on camera. While Garrett teaches a number of unbelievable moves and effects, his lecture is aimed at drawing out your inner magician. If you're satisfied with being a mediocre performer, this is not the lecture for you. But if you've ever dreamed of gaining deep insight on how to become a master magician with the ability to create miracles, join us as we welcome Garrett Thomas, At The Table. Here are some of the things you'll learn:

Garrett's Tilt - The best tilt move you'll ever see. Magicians and spectators can be burning the deck and still never see this one coming.

Garrett's False Pick Up - A flawless move that seems like the magician is simply cutting deeper into a pack while forcing a chosen card. Combine this with Garrett's tilt move, and you've got a hypnotic array of reveals.

Garrett's Smith Myth - Garrett shows three spectators three cards. The spectators then push each card into random places in the deck, and the deck is randomly cut into multiple piles. The magician can now reveal that the spectator's chosen cards are the cards on each pile.

Lie to Me - Garrett starts out by pulling out a random card. He then shows the spectator a card, then asks the spectators to lie about the card by naming a random card. He then is able to divine the spectator's true card, but even more surprisingly, the random card pulled out from the very beginning ends up being the lie card.

Dime and Penny - The spectator holds four pennies and a dime stacked and locked between their fingers. Without going near the spectator, the magician now reveals the dime is now in his hand, and has vanished from the spectator's hand.

Pen Thru Quarter - A super clean pen through quarter effect.

Silver Dollar to Ring - A routine where a coin becomes a ring which then becomes a coin which then transforms back to the ring. Every single moment feels naturally motivated and incredibly magical.


Customer reviews for Garrett Thomas Live Lecture



His tricks are not something that i would use. But its clearly visible how much he loves this art, his theory is amazing, he thought out every detail in his tricks also in performance and presentation of his material. Overall 10 bucks for this is basically free on how much u can learn from that.





SIMPLY INCREDIBLE my entire way of thinking changed because of this lecture. Garret thomas is a genius in every way





Very enjoyable and inspiring lecture.
I've seen it at least 6 or 7 times and can honestly say I didn't learn any tricks.
And I think Garret Thomas says in the lecture something like, there's more important things than just the tricks. His How and Why's are very interesting. And his point of attitude on approaching people and the idea of Magic as a gift really sticks with me.
There are some amazing tricks on here. Sadly I don't have two of the simple gimmicks. Being Canadian (me) has it's drawbacks :)



my favorite magician and friend is David Williamson !
the strongest magician and friend I know is Garrett Thomas!
genius creator,and outstanding Towers executor !! every turn of Garrett is devastating.
buy without thinking consume without moderation.
David Jade



Really enjoyed this. I liked hearing Garrett’s thinking about presentation and the thought behind the construction of each effect, as well as the importance of the connection/interaction with the spectators over the tricks themselves. Best laugh goes to Gregory Wilson for “Yah-way!”



Honestly the best $8 I've spent in magic. How the hell is this $8, the theory that Garrett teaches is unbelievable. Don't tell the story, be the story



this was by far the most interesting and encouraging lecture which makes me proud of my art!



One of the best lectures I have seen. Highly recommended. I don't intend to get the 50 points.



Great work on theory, every magician should see this.



THREE hours of Garrett Thomas, need I say more? I have already watched this lecture multiple times over. You're not going to get trick after trick in this lecture, but the value of what you do get far outweighs the price. Whether you are a beginner in magic or a working professional, everyone should own this lecture.



This lecture is what every performing magician needs to see. Garrett goes deep into theory, shedding light on aspects of performing you never even thought to think of.

You will not be getting fancy card tricks with this lecture, but what you will get is far greater: philosophy, approach, and inspiration. You won't walk away with a lot of new effects, but with the insight that Garrett provides you'll draw better connections between your audience and the sleights/illusions you already possess.

The only downside to this is Mr. Wilson, who continually interrupts, side-tracks, and slows down the lecture. It's frustrating and quite annoying. Vanishing Inc, please do not have him on again. Massive props to GT for barreling through and delivering gem after gem.



The entire lecture was fantastic great lecture.



This guy is brilliant ! I love the theory stuff, this is the kind of stuff I long for in magic. Make some audio shows with him !



This is a 5 star lecture on magic theory made difficult to watch by Greg Wilson's need to be the centre of attention. He spends the whole thing trying to be funny, talking over his guest, and adds nothing


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