Greg Wilson Live Lecture

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Greg Wilson Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Gregory Wilson ($7.95)

Greg is a 2 time FISM-winning magician. He has been hailed as one of THE most creative thinkers in magic. With best-selling hits like "On the Spot," "Hundy 500," and the newly released "Exact Change" and "Flash Pen", Greg has enough material to cover practically every genre of close-up magic. In his lecture, Greg will focus your attention to his uncanny ability with a deck of cards, as he performs and explains in detail all of the inner workings that make his magic so unforgettable. What we're particularly excited about here is the various effects Greg will tip that he typically does NOT discuss in his live lectures for magicians.


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Greg Wilson is one of my favorites. If you've seen his other lectures, or own his DVDs, you might not see a lot of new stuff here, but he's entertaining as always. The most interesting part for me (because, again, I've seen most of his tricks before) was the 40 minutes at the end where they showed some new clips of him on the street performing for strangers. They kept pausing the clips and discussing what went right and wrong, and what he should have done. Actually pretty insightful!

If you don't own Greg's other stuff, definitely get this.



Great content.



One of the best lectures I have seen! I dont know where to begin. There is so much useful and practical information on this lecture that it worth way more that the price on this lecture. I've tried his pickpocket routine, first try and blew everyones mind. His way of ditching small objects is priceless and I have used it on many occasions. Finally, he goes over raw video of his performances for people on the street and critiques himself and gives you insight on what to do when a trick goes south



It is very good if you dont know the Wilson lecture by penguin. If you have seen the penguin lecture before, you will think WHAT? It is almost the same. This lecture runs 3.1 hour. there is about 30 min of cardmagic. almost exactly like in penguin. I am sorry, but I am really mad about this lecture. And ... You have to do a better camerawork in all lectures.

Greg Wilson Live Lecture by Gregory Wilson