Jason Ladanye Live Lecture

Live lecture by Jason Ladanye
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Jason Ladanye Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Jason Ladanye (7.95)

Jason Ladanye's approach to magic is simple - not about complicated sleight of hand. Jason looks for original plots and uses time-tested well-known sleights to achieve miracles for laymen. While Jason Ladanye will be teaching a few effects from his last hit book, Confident Deceptions, most of the effects taught on this At the Table Lecture will come from Jason's upcoming book, Game Changer. This means you have the opportunity to be the first to learn a ton of new hard hitting and unpublished material. These effects are strong, but also incredibly practical and meaningful. Jason teaches how to start clean and end clean with a regular deck of cards and perform magic that spectators will remember forever.

Here are the effects that Jason will be teaching:

Nick of Time - A race against the clock to locate 8 cards in 60 seconds. This one is a real crowd pleaser. It keeps the audience in suspense literally to the last second. This uses regular deck and can be done anytime and anywhere. This is one of the strongest effects in Jason's next book.

Ladanye's ACAAN - The performer gives a stunning demonstration of his ability to shuffle track cards. He follows the position of a selection as it changes during the shuffles and cuts. A moment later the performer causes any card to move to any position in the deck with no false moves. A laymen walks away from this effect thinking you're a serious threat at the card table.

The Big Stack - Here's an amazing and entertaining gambling routine. Jason stacks Queens, Kings, and Aces in just two shuffles. This gambling routine plays like a magic trick. The spectators can know nothing about poker and still find this routine incredibly fascinating. Wait until you see the reactions.

Game Changer - You play a simple two-card game against the spectator. With money on the line, you end up with your back against the wall. The audience knows you can not win this game, until you cheat in the most unexpected way possible.

Forging Ahead - There are plenty of signature transfer effects out there. Jason's contribution to this classic plot is to move a spectator's initials from the FACE of one card, to the FACE of another. This is one of the strongest tricks in his book, Confident Deceptions, and one of the easiest to do!

Lucky Charms - This is an effect that spectators just can't comprehend. A folded card in view from the beginning ends up being the spectator's signed selection. The best part is that they never see the ending coming.

In addition to teaching all of the mechanics to the effects, Jason will talk shop about effect construction, audience management, misdirection, and how to maximize the impact of every trick. This is not an At The Table Lecture you'll want to miss.


Customer reviews for Jason Ladanye Live Lecture



Jason is very skilled and routines are well thought out. His character and patter is engaging. I'm new to Jason's work but I am a big fan of Darwin Ortiz. I can see the influence of Darwin in this lecture.








This is how a great lecture should look like.









This was a good lecture, lots of details, chock-full-of-nuts. Jason is clearly a performer that has done his homework and then some. Personally, I'd probably never do these routines myself as most of them don't appeal to my performing style but the tidbits and nuances that he shares are definitely worth the price of admission.





This is the best at the table lecture I have ever bought. The effects that Jason teaches are all amazing. He also offers very valuable tips on the pinky count. For 7,95 it is a must buy.



After seeing Jason’s amazing performances on youtube and witnessing his obvious affinity for the brilliant work of Darwin Ortiz I had to give this lecture a try. I was not disappointed. Jason shares not only superb mechanics and effects, but also shares some great insight into character development, premise building and audience management. As a dedicated card worker myself, I found the material accessible and very inventive. If you love great close up magic, card tricks or just want to grow as an entertainer I can’t recommend this lecture strongly enough. By far one of the best and most meaningful lectures I’ve seen. 10/10



I highly recommend this lecture 10/10, i have purchased a few ATT lectures and this is one of the best ones, Jason does a spendid job at explaining the effects in detail. He also gives great insite to improving your pinky count. This isn't beginner material but if you practice you will be able to use these effects.



Jason teaches amazing things in his lecture. When it comes to performance tips, self working miracles, to knuckle busting card work that will take some practice, YOU WILL find something in this lecture for you that you WILL use! Jason you did good brother you did good!



AS i told Jason last night: Jason... just saw your " at the table lecture"... cool stuff... nothing hard to do but very interesting in the way you construct your effect. ... i like it... i think this is a classic and classy way of doing and construct magic trick!!... all thumbs up!!! ( even the feet ones.. ;) )
Yann Hardy from France



Jason Ladanye gave a great at the table lecture. Known for his powerful card magic, he taught six tricks, and gave tips on the pinky count. I will say, for a couple tricks, you will need to be able to perform the Faro Shuffle, which is not easy for some magicians. But all his tricks had unique methods that really surprised me. The one trick I have performed already got great reactions. It was Lucky Charms, which is now a go-to trick for me. So, BUY THIS LECTURE.



After seeing Jason Ladanye's superb lecture live in L.A., I had to get this. Three hours plus, stunning routines and diabolical methods... a tremendous value for any magic enthusiast!



Jason's lecture was great! If you do table card magic do yourself a favor and buy this lecture.



Jason is a boss. If you like hard hitting table magic. Buy this download. You won't regret it. A.B.



So great to see the same thinking that I enjoyed so much in Confident Deceptions in this lecture. This is a must. In my top 5 ATT lectures!



While his skill is top notch, his personality is not very likeable.


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  • Gerardo asks: How long is this lecture?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The lecture runs 3 hours and 12 minutes.
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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He teaches many sleights in the lecture.
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