John Archer Live Lecture

Live lecture by John Archer
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John Archer Live Lecture

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Live lecture by John Archer (7.95)

John Archer: John is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. This guy was officially the FIRST person to fool Penn & Teller on the UK series: 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us'. (It's airing now in the US as well!) John has also appeared on award-winning CBBC network shows and even WRITES comedy for many other shows in the UK! Want to learn comedy and magic the RIGHT way? This lecture will focus on stand-up, close-up, - and easy, hard-hitting magic that will make you the life of any party!

Blank Night - John's famous comedy Bank Night routine that fooled Penn & Teller! This effect is very well thought out, very fun to perform and is VERY funny.

Pushing the Envelope - This is a single billet and one envelope. The Spectator writes down a thought on a billet which is folded and placed into a single envelope. You INSTANTLY know the written down thought. This is a classic plot but with John's added touches! One billet, one envelope. That's it!

Semi Open - This is as close to an open prediction as you can get! An envelope is placed on the table and a card id named or selected. The envelope is opened to show a clearly written prediction of the named card. John will also cover a variation where a duplicate of the named card is removed from the envelope. Clean and devious!

The Laura Buxton Co-incidence - A story that questions what coincidence really is. Two decks of cards - one red, one blue. Despite both decks being handled and examined by the spectator, the performer and spectator repeatedly shuffle the same card to the top. As a finale, it is seen that the final choice of one of these cards had been predicted from the start!

Komedy Killer - John's hilarious routine and variation of the Kenton Knepper classic. This is a full 10 minute routine that plays for both close-up and stage!

DeJa 2 - This is a killer stage effect where a couple from the audience are tested for their compatibility and found to be perfect for each other. A lady picks a card and her partner somehow manages to find it! This is an effect where it seems as if the magician is hardly involved!

Zennerdoo - This is a strong and clean 'psychic experiment'. A spectator repeatedly matches dealt cards on to the table with their matching symbols.

Streets - This is John's book test that really isn't a book test. It's more of a remote viewing experience. This will hopefully whet the tastebuds! John will also discuss his thoughts on comedy writing, creating routines and comedy performance! This is going to be a STRONG & RARE magic learning experience!


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Fiendish methods for some killer standup and parlor effects, including the “Bank Night” trick that made Archer the first to fool Penn and Teller. John’s self-deprecating comedy style might not suit everyone, and he is candid about one or two points of method specifically exploiting his performance persona, but you really need not be a comedy magician to do this stuff. One of my favorites is his revelation of the fact that two assistants have chosen the same card. It’s not so much the method here, which is perfectly fine, but the small, yet clever and well-reasoned means of showing the audience the coincidence. The “Laura Buxton” confidence truck is really lovely piece of theater with a smart and workable method that vaguely reminds me of Scarne’s “Triple Coincidence” from Stars of Magic (though he got the basic trick and methodology from Pat Page). The only negative here is that the book test/remote viewing thing, which is a great trick, is not fully explained. To be more specific, he tells you the working but not the specific means by which he constructed the props, only that it took place over the course of six months!

Another great lecture for a complete steal of a price.



If you like mentalism, this is fantastic, and John is hilarious. However, the in-studio audience is very small, and not well miked, making his performances a bit awkward (not his fault). Clearly, he's great in front of a crowd, and I wish we could have seen it here, but oh well. You kind of get used to it. At one point, after a joke, John says, "SMILE LOUDER!" to the audience, haha.

His "trick that fooled Penn and Teller" was worth the price of this alone for me, but there's a lot of other usable things in here that can be adapted to your own routines. He even does some card tricks that are still in the mentalism vein if you do close-up work.



I think that John is a very funny guy, however I have to say that the audience members didn't appear to fully participate in the humour. Very good material on this lecture and Blank night is worth the price alone. Get it and I'm sure you won't be disappointed...



I had high expectation when I purchased this. I think Blank Night would be worth the price of this lecture.


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  • James asks: Will John be revealing the secrets to each of these tricks in his lecture?

    • 1. Dottore answers: This lecture covers the items noted in the description.
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