Joshua Jay Live Lecture

Live lecture by Joshua Jay
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Joshua Jay Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Joshua Jay (7.95)

Co-founder of Vanishing Inc., Joshua Jay makes his At The Table Live Lecture debut. Joshua started dazzling the magic world with amazing effects, routines and theory! He has published numerous articles, DVDs and has authored a best-selling book! This lecture will include magic that has been in print before, plus all-new, never before seen material as well! There will be a diverse mix of magic for everyone!

Hitchcock - A card effect with both suspense and surprise. This effect has been heralded all over the world and is featured in Joshua's one man show, but has never been published in video DVD format.

Totally Triumph - A stunning version of Triumph with a nifty production move that you will want to add to your repertoire.

Back in Time - This effect has it all--the presentation, technique, and theme that will engage an audience and take them to a very unusual place.

Prism Deck - Josh's signature color-changing deck routine. You have to see this live to believe it.

Phantom Deck - Not available anywhere except AT THE TABLE, this is a closer for ANY card routine in which you cause the entire deck to turn clear.

Inferno - This is Josh's newest effect, and it won "Trick of the Year." A named card appears in a matchbox. Here you will find all the latest work on this captivating routine.

Any Card, Any Number - This is a VERY original and surprising version of the classic effect. If you want to learn a trick that people remember forever, don't miss this.

Triad Coins - Josh's new principle with coins that can be used in many, many different ways.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


Customer reviews for Joshua Jay Live Lecture



Hard to do better than a Joshua Jay lecture, truly brilliant stuff.

VI Monthly

Tyson C




wonderful to watch some one who is at the top of their game … a master of word and gesture; not to mention the mastery of the art of magic. As an amateur magician, I have enough material here to do some wonderful magic. A great tutorial!







I just started my dive into Joshua jay’s work, and honestly this is the best thing I’ve seen of him SO FAR. Although there are marketed effects here in the lecture at some points, I actually ended up purchasing three of them! He explained them and added subtleties that were not in the original instruction. For the rest of the effects I’m already adding some to my repertoire. This is a STEAL for what you pay and I can’t recommend this lecture enough.



Hard to beat the tricks taught in this lecture for the price. Enjoyed.



This is an outstanding lecture--one that's seriously (one might say insanely) underpriced.

"Hitchcock" is a great trick. Participants will probably mis-remember what happened, but what's wrong with that? "Phantom Deck" will fry people--as I can tell you. And the way Mr. Jay sets up the ACAAN effect, using a magic book...not only will they not have a chance to figure it out--there's a story to it that actually makes sense.

This magic structured the way it SHOULD be structured. You don't have a bunch of "spectators" sitting there, watching you, the way they might watch something on TV, just sittin' there breathing through their mouths. You have actual participants, taking part in the show. Some people might object to this approach, on the grounds that it takes more work to actually relate to people this way.

Think about it: some people actually WILL object to this approach. If you're one of them--save your money.



Amazing stuff. So much fun.





Josh... Josh.... Josh... There is one thing for sure is that you always pull a fast one at the end. I absolutely loved this lecture. And like Mike had said, it was jam packed but was loose for the magician to dissect and analyze every piece you performed. Thanks for an awesome lecture here. Keep doing what you do for us magicians. You're awesome man!!!



This is a great lecture packed with loads of great tricks. Joshua is an amazing teacher, all the tricks were shown in great detail. I particularly loves his coin vanish and his Alfred Hitchcock based opener. I also lived all of the triumph effects and his prism routine. Brian lecture, definitely recommended



Terrific lecture. Aside from Joshua’s obvious passion and knowledge, he has a great delivery and his philosophy when it comes to presenting effects should give every performer something to contemplate.



One of my favourite at the table lectures great value for money.



As you can tell from the description, this is pretty heavily focused on cards. You'll learn quite a few routines, but this lecture is also helpful to see which tricks you'd like to buy--triad coins, prism deck, phantom deck, inferno...learn what they can do in this video, then buy the ones you like. They also show some pre-recorded clips of Joshua performing, which is nice.

One note: the description lists "Cornered Plus" but he doesn't do it in this video.



I have followed Joshua's' work for some time, have his products, so yes, I'm biased. :-) Be that as it may, this was an Excellent presentation! One show like this makes the whole subscription easily worth the price. I'm a very impressed with this series and highly recommend it.





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  • Allen asks: hi there. I wonder what year this lecture was recorded?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Oct - 2014 I believed
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  • Steve asks: Is this a DVD or download? Thank you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Download
  • Vincent asks: Hello, Is "Back in Time" the routine you presented at Rendez-Vous convention in Paris in may?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, that routine is taught on this download.
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