Kyle Littleton Live Lecture

Live lecture by Kyle Littleton
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Kyle Littleton Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Kyle Littleton (7.95)

We're glad to welcome Vanishing Inc's own Kyle Littleton to an At the Table Experience. Best known for his effect 400 Lux, Kyle is one of the most refreshing innovators and thinkers to hit the scene. His lecture offers something for every skill level, and his presentations are filled with wit, humor, and honesty. Learn effects with cards, coins, stickers, gum, and bills. Here are some of the things you're going to learn:

Wayne's World - A presentation for "out of this world" using movies. This makes the trick more personal and humorous.

Up to Three Packs a Day - A triple changing gum pack that ends with you giving the gum away. Kyle will also include a bonus effect where the gum is changed into a jumbo pack.

Tickets Please - A hands off prediction effect using real movie theater tickets.

Cheap Brands - A dollar bill visually becomes an origami folded t-shirt. Just as surprising, the origami t-shirt itself changes into a two dollar bill.

Emergency Funds - A bill change that happens under the cellophane of a card box.

Invisibly Triumphant 2.0 - A thought of card triumph routine.

ACAAT - A handling of ACAAN that uses no math or estimation.

Invisible Phantom - A thought of card becomes the only card in the deck and the rest become completely clear.


Customer reviews for Kyle Littleton Live Lecture



The lecture is worth a lot more then the asking price. Its very well put together and the explanations are great. Buy it , learn it and watch this amazing young man in action.


Pranav Harish

Really good lecture, though many tricks require gimmicks that you have to make. Still really good lecture with lots of good material in it.



Kyle Littleton gave a good at the table lecture. This was pretty trick-heavy, which excited me because I love seeing if I can add new tricks to my repertoire. However, a lot of the tricks require gimmicks. The gum trick that Kyle taught is really strong, but I feel that magicians would have too much trouble constructing the gimmick. On the flip side, a lot Kyle's methods were all very clever, especially for Tickets Please, Invisible Phantom, Invisibly Triumphant 2.0, and Emergency Funds. One trick that I thought was not very strong was Cheap Brands. The effect just reminded me of a street trick that would not fool laymen. Also, Kyle Littleton did not teach ACAAT. I will be performing Tickets Please and Invisibly Triumphant 2.0. So is this lecture worth $7.95? I think it depends if you are willing to make the gimmicks for the tricks on the lecture. If you make the gimmicks and buy the materials for the tricks, I think the lecture will be worth $7.95.


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