Martin Lewis Live Lecture

Live lecture by Martin Lewis
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Martin Lewis Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Martin Lewis (7.95)

We've all seen the ingenious work of Martin Lewis, in one form or another. From his signature Sketchpad rising card to countless other amazing effects used by people like David Copperfield, Johnny Thompson and Michael Weber. 

Here are just some of the effects taught:

Undivided A fantastic version of Nate Leipzig's torn and restored cigarette paper effect. 

Repeating Card Effect - A unique version of the ambitious card plot. Well now's your chance to hear it from the lions mouth. 

Senor Mardo's Egg Bag Routine - A changed up classic done with a gold ball instead of an egg.

Jumbo Sidewalk Shuffle - A fantastic monte routine.

Signature Card Rise - Undeniably Martin's most famous trick. Learn how to animate the ink on a pad. As performed by David Copperfield!

Technicolour Prediction - Predict the outcome of decisions made entirely by the participants.

Plus, Martin teaches some of his signature close-up effects!

We are more than excited to bring you one of our finest lecturers yet to an At The Table Experience you won't forget.


Customer reviews for Martin Lewis Live Lecture



This gets a 5 star with ease! This Martin Lewis lecture is full of good "stuff"- Parlour, stage, and close-up magic, highly professional and do-able at the same time. Beautiful, plots and awesome presentations for very strong effects. Everything reflects the knowledge and mastership of a great magician. Martin Lewis presents his own creations with charme and explains in detail every move of them so that they are easily learnable- a great buy at a most reasonable price- Thank you



just excellent. You have to buy this. You can learn so many little but very important things.

VI Monthly


An amazing lecture. I prefer parlor type material, so he really hit a home run on that. But even better, he had some tips and hints that were really, really useful, especially for the D.I.Y. type magicians.

I'm even embarrassed to admit that I learned a new force....that I should have known already. The fact that the move works in close up and parlor/small stage is a bonus.

Really fun, really well done lecture.



The tricks are great and there are many that I will use. The presentation is disorganized. Martin often disappears from the screen for half a minute or more to find a prop in his trunk. It looks as if he didn't remember where he put it. While this is going on, the camera is on the host who doesn't know what to say apart from saying '' Wow, this is great''. This guy shouldn't host a magic lecture. He, obviously, loves magic but his knowledge of magic is too weak to have an intelligent conversation with a great magician.
Sometimes Martin fumbles in his explanations.
The trick with the colored envelopes is explained before being performed and the performance is not complete.
Again, the tricks are fantastic and the creativity of Mr. Lewis is admirable. So, my rating is good but not excellent.


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  • Rick asks: The description of Martin's Senor Mardo egg bag routine says that it is done with a "gold ball". I don't suppose that is intended to read "golf ball" is it?

    • 1. Matthew B answers: It is indeed a golf ball.
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  • Cheng Nien asks: Is this with a dvd?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a download
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