Patrick Kun Live Lecture 2

Live lecture by Patrick Kun
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Patrick Kun Live Lecture 2

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Live lecture by Patrick Kun (7.95)

Patrick Kun is back for his second At The Table lecture, and he's going to teach us more of that amazing impromptu magic that he makes look so easy! As a former consultant of David Copperfield, Cyril, and Troy, Patrick Kun once again shares with us his dynamic brand of magic with us here At The Table. It's a 2 hour lecture you don't want to miss. Here's what you'll learn:

Patrick's Invisible Deck - Patrick's version of the invisible deck. As an additional kicker, the chosen card is also the only card with a back design that's different from the entire deck! On top of all this, Patrick's version requires no gimmicks at all!

Extortion - A simplified version of Patrick's acclaimed 2014 release. It's an ultra-clean, and super-visual bill change that will go right into your repertoire.

Carbone - Two Jokers are examined and placed on a card box. The spectator selects any card and it's lost back in the pack. The magician now takes the two Jokers and visually produces the selection from between them.

Coin Thing - Patrick teaches a utility coin move that allows you to stealthily shoot a coin from one hand to another. Patrick teaches this in the guise of a Coins Across routine.

The Modern Biddle - Patrick's variation on the Biddle trick. The spectator chooses a card and loses it back in the pack. The magician then clearly fans out 5 possible selected cards, and takes a photo of it. The magician magically moves the selected card back into the deck. Not only are there only 4 cards left in the packet, but the photo just taken also only shows 4 cards! This trick alone is worth the price of admission!

Caption - The spectator names a card. The magician BORROWS a spectator's phone and shows him his Instagram page and a picture of a folded-up card. He then slides and pulls the Instagram picture right into his hands, revealing it to be the spectators named card!

Odd Man Out - The magician reveals a blue-backed prediction card in his pocket, and claims that he will force the spectator to select the odd card. The spectator selects a card from a red-backed deck, but it does not match the magician's prediction. The magician now reveals that the entire deck is all the same card as the prediction, the prediction card is no longer blue-backed, AND the spectator's chosen card is now blue. The spectator's card really is the odd man out!

Halo Project - A visual linking ring effect done with a borrowed ring. Using a borrowed ring puts this in the miracle class!

Photo Op - Patrick's variation on Asi Wind's Double exposure. Everyone you perform this for will be talking about this one!


Customer reviews for Patrick Kun Live Lecture 2



I really enjoyed this lecture. Patrik has brilliant ideas, and I will definitely be performing multiple effects from here. My favourites were his invisible deck, his version on the biddle trick and his take on double exposure. I highly recommend this, lots of awesome and practical effects.



So many great effects, Patrick has done it this time, genius I don’t even know where to start





This is a steal. The modern biddle was worth the whole price



Everything about this lecture is amazing! He teaches SO MANY different effects! I can’t even tell you how great this is, just buy it. Eight dollars is worth, you get ten effects, and most of them he has already sold as separate downloads! Just like all of Patrick Kun’s effects, I HIGHLY recommend this!!


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  • Tony asks: Is this downloadable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a download.
  • Mike asks: Does.patrick teach breach or any card the ones on chris ramsays you flash you lose ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup. Loads of great sleights are taught.
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