Paul Gordon Live Lecture

Live lecture by Paul Gordon
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Paul Gordon Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Paul Gordon (7.95)

Paul Gordon is a Professional Magician, Entertainer, Magic Lecturer, and Author. He has published over forty books, including the best-selling Gold Dust Trilogy, Quidnunc and Article 52. His DVD releases include Live in Action, Card Startlers, Blockbusters With Cards, Gold Dust Live, and Quidnunc Plus. He's bringing that wealth of knowledge for a lecture right here At The Table. Grab a front row seat and join us for one of the UK's most prolific creator's in magic, Paul Gordon! Here's what you'll learn:

Light Weight: A spectator takes a random packet of cards. Simply by gaging the weight of the spectator's packet, Paul is able to create a matching packet with exactly the same number of cards.

Stripped for Poker: A heads up poker game where the spectator shuffles the cards and makes all the choices regarding which cards are dealt to their hand or to the dealer. No matter what the spectator gets, the magician's hand will always win!

Stripped for Oil and Water: A method for the classic Oil and Water effect where the spectator is freely allowed to mix red and black cards FACE UP.

Tally-Ho: Paul Gordon's take on the classic Henry Christ effect, Tally-Ho. The spectator selects words on the Tally-Ho Box and uses the deck to spell them out. Not only are you left with the four 9's, but you are also left with a royal flush!

PG on JC's Stealth Assembly: Paul's take on John Carey's Stealth Assembly. Paul takes four Kings and places them on top of piles of cards. After gathering them so the Kings get lost in the middle of the deck, the Kings assemble to the top of the deck without any suspicious moves.

Four Card Fooler: Paul takes four blue-back Kings and counts them. Mysteriously, one of the Kings has turned face up. He does this again and a different King has turned face up, but the first one has turned back down. He does this two more times before finally revealing that the blue-back cards were in fact all red to begin with!

Return of the Merely thought of Card Miracle: Paul places a card in his pocket and has a spectator look at a freely selected card. The spectator also remembers its position in the packet. Paul then splits the cards a few times and asks if the spectator if they see it. Regardless of whether or not they see it, the selected card is now in Paul's pocket. On top of that, the spectator could now count down to where their card is supposed to be, and Paul instantly knows the name of that card.

6 Card Brainwave: Spectator names any card in a small packet. Paul then shows that all the cards remaining are blue-backed cards, but the selected card is the only card with a red back.

You'll enjoy entertaining your audiences with these wonderful and baffling effects from no other than Paul Gordon!


Customer reviews for Paul Gordon Live Lecture



This has got to be the best ATT lecture I have ever bought. All of Paul's effects are quick and straight to the point. The packet tricks taught are great especially the four card fooler, I have added it to my EDC packet wallet. If you want card magic that is easy and straightforward this is the lecture for you.



I've only recently been introduced to Paul Gordon's magic while watching his preview videos here at Vanishing. Once I saw his work (with Holy SH%T) I was hooked and had to have some of his works. This was one of them.

I may only use a few of his effects but I am satisfied with this video. There are more than just tricks being shown such as presentation and what to do if...? I will take his words to heart.



Excellent love the speed and teaching, very usable!



I liked every trick he did in this and will learn them all because I also liked all the methods. Such good clear thinking as his is always inspiring.



Paul card effects are super ace hardware to have ! each project he does is fantastic & very interesting indeed the effects that he has picked out will open your mind to a new level of understanding with good quality clean close up card effects! With in days you can be a great master card magician that other Magician's will say you are super ace! Thanks to the knowledge and experience & Gordon skills & teaching you will get all the information about everything you think about ! You will enjoy the beautiful flowers tips that makes each effect some thing that makes Paul the UK's leading card magician. You can say he is the next generation clone of nick trost !



Great value! For $7.95, I got 4 tricks I liked, a control, and some good tips on performing and presentation. Can't go wrong.


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