Peter Turner Live Lecture

Magic download (video) by Peter Turner
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Peter Turner Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Peter Turner (7.95)

Peter Turner joins us for an unforgettable At the Table Experience! Peter is currently consulting on countless TV shows across the world, applying his highly sought after mentalist mind to some of the world's biggest stages. Peter is known for his bold approach to mentalism which has left nearly all of his material sold out within hours of release. From gritty street performances to completely baffling mind reading, we've got you covered! Don't miss out on one of the most promising lectures of the year!


Customer reviews for Peter Turner Live Lecture





Wow, for such a small price you learn so much. You learn a good star sign revelation, how to unlock anyones phone, life equation and so much more. I'm really happy with this and I'm sure anyone else would be too.



I am relativity new to magic. Focused primarily on the regular card plots and techniques. Slowly commenced to dabble here and there with certain mentalism basic principles. Peter turner is a well-known mentalist and I was curious about his way of thinking. This lecture is not for a die hard mentalist whom probably already knows these principles but the subtleties he provides will improve your mentalism more. I enjoyed this lecture I have learned the life equation and nice way of revealing a person's zodiac sign without looking like you are thinking about it.




Juan Pablo

This was awesome, I always try buy all Peter Turner material



Less than $8? The content in here is amazing. A lot of hard-hitting propless mentalism--and great advice from the inimitable Peter Turner.





First of all, this is a really great lecture. A lot of the stuff in here Peter has also taught in his download HACK, and one of the effects is also in his download Principle. I have purchased both of those, and hey are really good. If you want some iPhone effects, then I would recommend HACK. If you want mentalism for zoom, I suggest Principle. If you want a mix of both, I suggest this! Even though I have the other two downloads, I still got something out of this. He goes over some really interesting ideas, and, obviously, effects. I highly recommend this. Thanks Vanishing Inc.!



This guy is insane.



Great lecture! By watching the lecture you can really feel for his creativity. Peter is known for his presentation driven effects and all performers could get something out of this lecture. However, some would say he often goes off on tangents and taking a while to return to the topic at hand; however, this for me has been a bonus to understand how the effect came into being. Sometimes in lectures, it is structured as performance then explanation. But in this lecture you learn how the effect was created and refined. Also, the lecture is over 3 hours long and 7 dollars and 50 cents. Which is a bargain. This lecture will definitely supplement his other works.



Running time: 3:42!

This lecture is less about tricks, and more about subtleties. Peter does demonstrate a handful of tricks, mostly things like PIN code divination, star sign divination, and so on. But those are almost irrelevant, because he's really teaching how to frame questions and get the most out of a performance.

He demonstrates the tricks to the live audience, but also shows clips of him performing in public. Good stuff if you're interested in mentalism.

VI Monthly


I've been interested in Peter's work since I first heard of him; but this is my first experience watching him perform & teach. There is solid gold in this lecture, you'll have to watch it several times to absorb everything. Incredible value. Thanks Vanishing Inc.!!



I almost forgot about this with the change in scheduling for these lectures! I'm totally stoked to see Peter's work without having to shell out the hundreds of dollars which it typically can sell for.



I can't wait for this. I saw Peter Turner at MindVention last October. He is the real deal. I don't know exactly what he is going to lecture on here, but I can tell you that he has every weapon you could want in your arsenal.

He has card skills, he knows how to completely destroy the possibility of there even being a method, and he knows how to deliver impactful experiences to his audience... be they magician, mentalist, or layperson.

I'm pretty sure there will be some clever methods taught here, but the real value for me is in seeing how Peter builds experiences. That is something which can be put to use in everything you do.

$7.95 is a ridiculous bargain to be tapping into the mind of one of the most sought after and brilliant minds in magic and mentalism.



There were certainly some new ideas here. Some I liked and some not so much. Everybody has their own preferences and likes. That being said, I wouldn't recommend this to anybody.


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