Phoenix Marked Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Card-Shark
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Phoenix Marked Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Card-Shark (20.00)

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Card-Shark meets Ted Lesley. This is a dream come true for all magicians who love to use a marked deck. The markings are based on the ideas of Ted Lesley, are extremely visual compared to all other marked decks on the market as they perfectly blend into the design of the Phoenix backs.

So far every magician who saw the Marked Phoenix Deck the first time and searched for the markings, had to smile after a while when he found it. You will smile also, promised!

All markings are situated at the same spot right in the corner, so even the slightest opened fan will allow you to read the marking. If the back design gets into view, you will be able to spot the value. Can't get easier!

Available with red Phoenix back cards, comes in regular card case with black seal.

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Customer reviews for Phoenix Marked Playing Cards



This is a Must have for all Prism or Prism Plus Deck Owners. The Marking system will be perfect if it adopts the same way as the Ultimate Marked Deck. Also, a great Collector's Deck to have for Cardist and Hobbyist. This will be under my Top 5 marked Deck owned

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I first tried Phoenix cards when searching for a deck I could Faro shuffle right out of the box. They were the best by far for the way I shuffle so I ordered a marked deck. They are reasonably easy to see with my older eyes yet blend so well into the background that I have shown tricks to others that know of marked cards and they could not find them. They will pass a pretty long hard look by anyone that does not know what to look for. They are a bit pricey but having a marked deck that I am fearless to use is worth it.



A great reader back marked deck, very clever design, as although the mark is very well hidden within the design, it fits in nice, and once you no were to look its easy to read the mark, and the mark is were your eyes will naturally look, so no facial expressions give aways, and the mark is on the top left on the back design, so great for doing a reverse fan, also a great deck for doing farro shuffles.



I'm a sucker for a well marked deck and collected quite a few - PHOENIX MD are light years ahead of the rest and quickly became my 'go to' deck! The 'one way' face markings are superb SO subtle - back marking is totally inspired!!
One deck in each colour and the tricks JUST KEEP COMING (Honestly, endless possibilities!) made ME look like a card god! The cards are also Grade 1 quality and handle beautifully straight out of the box - NONE BETTER!



These are as innocent-looking as any deck, and are easier to read than most. I loved my original Lesley marked deck, but I had to do all the work myself. Further, the location of the markings on the Phoenix deck is ideal, and, while easier to read, much more disguised than the Lesley deck. Remember, I loved my Lesley deck!!!! But these Phoenix readers are light years ahead!!!!!!!!??



I seem to have now started collecting marked decks of cards and I am really pleased with the Phoenix Marked Playing Cards from Vanishing Inc. I chose the blue backed cards and they just look and feel good straight out of the box (which nicely comes in a protective plastic case.) The markings are easy to read, even from a distance, and blend smoothly into the overall pattern. The one-way system of the cards is very subtle but easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. The videos that came with the deck were not the most inspiring compared to other products I have bought but would be interesting if you want to know how the cards were made with a few simple tricks at the end. I would recommend this deck of cards and may buy it again with the red backs too.


Community questions about Phoenix Marked Playing Cards

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  • Cowen asks: Sorry, but what exactly IS a marked deck? From what I can gather I believe each card has a marking so you can tell which card it is?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Exactly that. It is secretly marked on the back so you can tell the value of the card.
  • Charlie asks: does it pass the riffle test?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In our experience, it does.
  • Steve asks: Does it come in a box that says, "Marked Deck," in big letters, like the picture?

    • 1. Richard answers: I believe that is a wrapper that can be removed.
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  • Harry asks: Does every card in the deck need to be facing the 'correct' way for the marking to be seen, or is the marking in both the upper left AND the lower right corner, allowing for the cards to be turned around or given a table wash and still have the mark be visible?

    • 1. Jim answers: They are on both ends.
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  • Alexander asks: Are the marks on the top left, top right and bottom left bottom right? Or is it just top left and bottom right? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Top left and bottom right!
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