Magic Yellow Pages 1996 by Wittus Witt

Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss (originally published in Genii August, 1996)

Professional Magician Wittus Witt of Germany first produced his then titled Zauberwelt guide in 1977, and since renaming the project the Magic Yellow Pages in 1979 has produced editions in 1982, 1984, 1987, 1990 and 1993, with each edition numbering a thousand copies each. This, his eighth version, contains 27 categories of listings from Advertising to Videos, including two new ones, E-mail Addresses and The Internet. Doubtless these two additions will double the size of his next edition—there are currently a mere 377 and 85 listings in each, respectively—but this version at least provides a useful start. (As it happens, the e-mail address ascribed to your favorite reviewer is out of date; the current one can be found, as always, at the foot of this column).

Do you think you could benefit from a handy listing of 822 magic clubs in more than 40 countries? Perhaps you're travelling and you'd like to choose one from among 32 listed archives and museums around the world, or you're a collector looking to drop in on one of 719 individuals with similar interests'. If you're a professional looking for supplies, there are 22 sources for balloons to choose from, to name one specialized category; there are 55 attractions where you might go hunting for work. Speaking of looking for work, there are 51 lecturers here doing the same. Like magazines' There are 74 periodicals listed, so you're bound to find the one you've been looking for, and if you're hunting for that rare book, check out the 46 Second Hand entries. And, if you want to hire a brilliant consultant, there is one distinctive advertisement from a guy named Tommy Wonder. This handy reference volume will doubtless save you time and trouble, and you're likely to discover something new and useful in the process. If you're serious about magic, why wouldn't you want to own this book?

6" X 8-1/2" perfect bound; 144 pages; Publisher and compiler: Wittus Witt