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Jamy Ian Swiss

For eighteen years (June 1994 - January 2013), Jamy Ian Swiss wrote thoughtful, opinionated, long-form reviews of magic books for Genii magazine. Jamy's reviews contain insights deeper than just product recommendations, and so we have worked to assemble the entire series (almost 450 magic book reviews) in one complete and fully searchable archive.

Also, from October 2016 through January 2020, Jamy wrote reviews for the Lyons Den at the Magicana website.

Read Jamy's essay, Critical Thinking on his tenure as a book reviewer, or search for, or choose a review below:

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Book Author Date
The Secrets of Stage Conjuring Robert-Houdin

Jan 2005

The Secret Art of Magic Eric Evans and Nowlin Craver

May 2004

The Second 16th Card Book Tom Craven & Paul Gordon

May 2007

The Science Behind The Ghost: A Brief History Of Pepper's Ghost Jim Steinmeyer

Aug 1999

The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: How a Spectacular Hoax Became History Peter Lamont

Jan 2005

The Reparation John Lovick

Aug 1998

The Rat Trap & Other Snappy Effects You Can Do with Your Little Deck Chuck Fayne

Aug 2005

The Protocols of the Elders of Magic Max Maven

Jan 2006

The Professional Stage Pickpocket Ricki Dunn

Sep 2006

The Paper Engine Aaron Fisher & John Lovick

Sep 2002

The Osterlind Trilogy Richard Osterlind

Mar 2008

The Original Stars Of Magic Various Authors

Mar 2009

The Now You See It, Now You Don't! Notebook Bill Tarr Kaufman

Mar 1999

The Notebook Anonymous

May 2009

The Noir Test Karl Fulves

Dec 1999

The Nazi Séance: The Strange Story of the Jewish Psychic in Hitler's Circle Arthur J. Magida

Jan 2012

The Mysteries Of My Life Richard Kaufman & René Lavand

Mar 1999

The Mysteries of My Life Richard Kaufman and René Lavand

Mar 1999

The Milbourne Christopher Library II Maurine Brooks Christopher and George P. Hansen

Sep 1998

The Milbourne Christopher Library Maurine Christopher and George Hansen

Aug 1998

The Magicians' Yearbook Anthony Owen

Sep 1998

The Magician's LTD Cookbook Andi Gladwin

May 2007

The Magician: John Mulholland's Secret Life Ben Robinson

May 2009

The Magician and the Cardsharp Karl Johnson

Sep 2005

The Magical Writings Of Edwin A. Dawes Edwin Dawes

Jan 1998

The Magic Wand Unknown

Sep 2003

The Magic Of The United States Robert James Albo, M.D.

Jan 1996

The Magic of Robert-Houdin: an Artist's Life Christian Fechner

Mar 2003

The Magic of Paul Potassy Uwe Schenk & Michael Sondermeyer

Mar 2006

The Magic Of Micah Lasher Micah Lasher

Nov 1996

The Magic Of Matt Schulien Philip Reed Willmarth

Nov 2005

The Magic of Ascanio: The Structural Conception of Magic Arturo de Ascanio; Jesús Etcheverry

Mar 2005

The Magic of Ascanio: More Studies of Card Magic Jesus Etcheverry

Jan 2009

The Magic of Ascanio: Ascanio's Knives and Color Blindness Arturo de Ascanio

Jan 2009

The Magic of Ascanio, Volume 2: Studies of Card Magic Arturo de Ascanio & Jesús Etcheverry

Sep 2006

The Magic in Books Leo Behnke

Jan 2010

The Magic Business Michael Bailey

Sep 1998

The Magic Book Harry Lorayne

Jan 1998

The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard John Northern Hilliard

Mar 2002

The Lost Cheesy Notebooks: Volumes One And Two Chad Long

Sep 2005

The Little Egypt Book of Ghosts Steve Bryant

Mar 2009

The Life And Many Deaths Of Harry Houdini Ruth Brandon

Feb 2005

The Legendary Hierophant Jon Racherbaumer

May 1999

The Legendary Hierophant Jon Racherbaumer

Apr 1999

The Last Greatest Magician in the World Jim Steinmeyer

Jan 2011

The James File Allan Slaight

Aug 2000

The Indescribable Phenomenon Barry H. Wiley

Jul 2005

The Impostress Princess Expanded Peter W. Tappan

May 2012

The Illustrated History Of Magic Milbourne and Maurine Christopher

Mar 1996

The Himber Wallet Book Harry Lorayne

Aug 1999