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Jamy Ian Swiss

For eighteen years (June 1994 - January 2013), Jamy Ian Swiss wrote thoughtful, opinionated, long-form reviews of magic books for Genii magazine. Jamy's reviews contain insights deeper than just product recommendations, and so we have worked to assemble the entire series (almost 450 magic book reviews) in one complete and fully searchable archive.

Also, from October 2016 through January 2020, Jamy wrote reviews for the Lyons Den at the Magicana website.

Read Jamy's essay, Critical Thinking on his tenure as a book reviewer, or search for, or choose a review below:

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Book Author Date
The Magic Book Harry Lorayne

Jan 1998

The Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion Harry Blackstone

Jul 2002

Sleight Of Mouth Harry Allen

Oct 2005

The Tarbell Study Guide Harlan Tarbell

Oct 2005

The Tarbell Collection Harlan Tarbell

Sep 1994

Quartet: A Fake Card And Ten Routines Therewith Guy Hollingworth

Feb 2000

Drawing Room Deceptions Guy Hollingworth

Oct 1999

Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes Gerald P. Cestkowski

Nov 2002

Magic Words Gerald Kolpan

Sep 2012

The 101 Most Asked Questions About Las Vegas & Casino Gambling George Joseph

Sep 1997

Newspaper Magic Gene Anderson and Frances Marshall

Jul 2009

Audience Management: A Guide for Magical Entertainers Gay Ljungberg

Jul 2010

The Collector's Scrapbook Gary R. Frank

Jan 2005

The Coney Island Fakir: The Magical Life Of Al Flosso Gary R. Brown

Dec 1997

Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions Gary Darwin

Nov 1996

Salon de Magie Gabe Fajuri and Ken Klosterman

Mar 2007

The Cruise Magician's Handbook Fred Becker

Sep 1998

Versatile Card Magic Revisited Frank Simon

May 2003

Performing Magic on the Western Stage: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present Francesco Coppa, Lawrence Hass, and James Peck

Jul 2009

Thayer Quality Magic Floyd Thayer

Jan 1998

The Davenport story: Volume Three Fergus Roy

Mar 2012

The Davenport Story Volume One Fergus Roy

Mar 2010

Magic & Meaning Eugene Burger and Robert E. Neale

Apr 2005

Mastering the Art of Magic Eugene Burger

Mar 2001

Solomon's Mind: The Card Mysteries Of David Solomon Eugene Burger

Aug 1998

Growing In The Art Of Magic Eugene Burger

May 1996

Rediscoveries: New Ways of Framing Old Favorites Eugene Burger

Sep 1994

Tangled Web Eric Mead

Jan 2007

A Boon for All Seasons Eric Mason and Barrie Richardson

Sep 2005

The Genius Of Robert Harbin Eric Lewis

Jan 1998

The Secret Art of Magic Eric Evans and Nowlin Craver

May 2004

Stanyon’s Magic Ellis Stanyon

Sep 2003

Stand Up Coin Power Eivind Lowig

Aug 1998

The Magical Writings Of Edwin A. Dawes Edwin Dawes

Jan 1998

Stanley Collins: Conjurer, Collector, and Iconoclast Edwin A. Dawes

Nov 2002

Charles Bertram: The Court Conjurer Edwin A. Dawes

Jul 1997

Circle Without End Edwin A Dawes & Michael Bailey

Mar 2006

M.I.N.T. Volume II Edward Marlo

Oct 2005

Revolutionary Card Technique Edward Marlo

Jul 2003

Street Magic Edward Claflin and Jeff Sheridan

Aug 1998

Tullock; The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic And A Lot More Eddie Tullock, with Gene Urban & Kenton Knepper

Nov 1996

Phantom Of The Card Table Eddie McGuire

Mar 1997

The Feints And Temps Of Harry Riser Ed Brown

Jan 1996

Foundations: The Art of Staging Magic Eberhard Riese

Nov 2006

Variations Revisited Earl Nelson

May 2003

Frank Simon's Versatile Card Magic—The DVD Earl Nelson

May 2003

Cellini: The Royal Touch A Guide To The Art Of Street Magic E. M. McFalls

Aug 1997

Catching Up with Milo and Roger Dustin Stinett

Jan 2008

Cheating at Blackjack Dustin D. Marks

Dec 2004

Cheating At Blackjack Squared: The Dark Side Of Gambling Dustin D. Marks

Mar 1996