52 Memories - Retrospective Edition

Book by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
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52 Memories - Retrospective Edition

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Book by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker ($50.00)

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52 Memories - Retrospective Edition - magic
52 Memories - Retrospective Edition 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition
52 Memories is one of the most important magic books to be published in the last ten years.Tomas Blomberg

Many magic books can be trivialized. They are, after all, just a collection of tricks. But, 52 Memories is more than that; it is the legacy of one of the most promising card magic creators of our time. 52 Memories is one of those rare magic books that pass on the most fruitful creations from a lifetime of tinkering, experimenting and performing. It is an important book that shares the late Jack Parker's lifelong mission to create the most amazing miracles ever decoded from a single deck of fifty-two.

Jack Parker had a knack for producing card tricks that were beyond extraordinary. He had an uncanny ability of twisting plots in new directions while using as few sleights as possible. His magic was typically easy, often visual and always astounding. He received praise from many of card magic's elite and several even heralded the first edition as one of the most important published this decade.

As Peter Duffie predicted in his glowing review in MAGIC Magazine, 52 Memories went out of print quickly. This retrospective edition offers expanded text, more gorgeous two-color illustrations by Tony Dunn and a brand new layout. One reviewer said of the book,"It's so nicely done that it's almost hard to believe someone would care this much about card tricks." This second edition is done with even more care and attention to detail.

With fifty-two items, just under 300 large pages, you are invited into a one-time tour of Jack Parker's life in magic. The attractive two-colour printed pages in 52 Memories sit between thick hard backed covers, and contain all the elegance to sit alongside your most prized books on magic.

298 large-sized pages. Hardback. Two color print. This beautiful book is a second edition and contains the same tricks as the first edition.


Customer reviews for 52 Memories - Retrospective Edition



What and absolutely beautiful book. My copy arrived today, and through only a leisurely read at the airport and on a short flight I have but one regret - how dog eared my copy shall become through use despite its hard backed, desk top design.

So eager to get into learning from and enjoying it in detail - having just arrived and sitting in my hotel room, Jacks 'The Three Stooges' (his version of McDonald Aces) has just brought a huge smile to my face.

What a happy legacy it would appear to be indeed.



I'm only seven years in magic, but a few years ago my interest in books become bigger and bigger, so I made a wish list of some books (even if they were OOP), and in that list was 52 Memories. When I watched the video on Vanishing Inc's Youtube Channel (I think that was in January), and Kyle said that they were working on a second edition of 52 Memories I literally went to Vanishing Inc's website every single day hoping to see the book in the New Releases.

I bought the book the day that it came out, and I didn't have the time to open the box until yesterday. WOW, what a great book! it is beautifully produced, I loved the section of "Set ups", that is an index of the tricks that need set up AND the set up, so you don't need to go back to reread the effect if you only forgot the set up.

I just read the first two chapters and they are GREAT! Also I read the Final Palm and Liar booklets that came with the book (because I was one of the first persons that bought the book), and they are also GREAT!

I can not recommend this enough. This is not a 5/5, or a 10/10, this is a 100/100



Great Book. Very inspirational and fun to perform. Credits are well detailed so you can look up and improve the necessary technical skills if need be. Also, the book itself is nicely made. The book design itself is very thought out and organized. Great routines and ideas. Get this book! You won't regret it!



When the 1st issue went out of print I of course missed out,i was assured..sort of, that it would be republished,a beautifully done book with awesome material.To produce a friends legacy with such quality speaks volumes for Andy.Thank you.
Vanishing Inc is truely a superb QUALITY magic shop with good old fashioned caring..regards,Fred



This has quickly become one of my top 5 magic books. I happened upon a random YouTube channel (cardfreak007) where a guy does 13 effects from the book. No exposure and fairly well done. This led me to search out the book that these incredible effects came from. I knew nothing of Jack's story before I bought it except for the brief video Andi did on the new edition. It is truly sad that we lost such a bright star with Jack's passing. If you are a card magician at any level or to any extent, you will come away with several new effects you can add to your repertoire right away.

The book itself is one of the easiest reads I have come across in the world of magic books. Much like a John Bannon book, I like to read it, just to read it. I then go back to the effects with cards in hand to work thru those that jumped out at me and there are sooooo many in this book. In addition to the great effects throughout the book, there are some awesome sleights to be learned.

Grab it up while you can, you won't regret it and you will become a better card magician for doing it. In addition, you will get to know a little bit about who Jack Parker was and how much he added to the art. Andi wrote this book in a way, you almost feel like you met Jack somewhere along the way.



Jack Paker's 52 Memories is a really great book. The book contains most of Jack’s best work and is designed for those who like card magic, especialy packet card magic.

You can learn 44 tricks and 8 moves in total, which are divided into 8 chapters. There is also an essay by Jack Paker including and a feature of the book that will surprise you: A 'Trick Setup Reference list’ - the setup for each trick in the book. This is really useful to refer back to!

The book has hard cover and is printed on gloss paper. The interesting thing is the illustrations, which are printed in 2 classic card-face color red and black. And I love the pack they have used! Tally Ho is my favourite pack.

You will find every trick in the book useful and no trick makes you disappointed. Each trick comes to learner in 4 sections: Memory, Sleights Used, Method, Comments, and Credits.

I recommend this book for those who want to practise card magic.



What can I say that hasn't already been said about this book, yet make this review worthy of your time? Well, I suppose I'll just say that, for the price of this book, it's a no-brainer and my #1 choice I recommend you make since you're obviously interested. The book is heavy and square (10.25" X 10.25") but opens anywhere and stays open. It's a beautifully produced book. I know Jack Parker was aware of the quality Andi Gladwin puts into his books and I'm sure he knew this would be amazing. This book is amazingly produced in the highest order. It's got that classic look and feel to it; timelessly solid, like the oldies in a library. Andi concreted Jack's friendship and magic for many future generations to come, which I hope he can take comfort in knowing.
The magic in the book goes without saying, there are masterpieces inside. Their difficulty ranges from easy to challenging, but all doable with practice and all with a great reward for your arsenal. The very 1st trick is a card trick that I guarantee you'll be doing from then on.



What a great, beautiful book! Full of great card magic but what I really enjoyed is how you could see Andie's love for his friend throughout. If you can find it I highly recommend it.



This is on of the best books I have ever purchased 52 memories is written and designed by Andi Gladwin from the work of Jack Parker this has something from everyone from packet tricks to section where he teaches different moves and tools that you can apply too your tricks so if you want a top quality magic book look no further than this book very highly recommended.



This is a fantastic book, full of great routines and top shelf thinking!! If you like card magic and you like books, this is a no brainer...buy it now! The opening by Andi is well done, and the introduction by the late Jack Parker is also fantastic. As I read a book, I use old playing cards as bookmarks for the effects that I really like, and this book has quite a few. I like the first effect "I Know Kung Fu" and the "TumbleGem Switch", but there are so many gems throughout this book that I can't list them all. There are excellent moves, variations of many classics of card magic and a few non card (coin) effects. Everything seems to be well credited, the end notes, bibliography, and trick set up reference are also excellent. As can be expected from anything published by VI the book quality and Tony Dunn illustrations are superb. This is a great book well done by Vanishing Inc, thank you Andi & Josh!



Got this book too. Fantastic reading and I am extremely grateful to have both books. The highest of quality which will be proudly displayed on my book shelf, available for future reference. Highly recommended.
Roger black



Lovingly written. You can sense the friendship and loss felt. It's odd I can't quite explain it but this gives the book a very special quality. Its an absolute joy to work through as well. Read it cover to cover first. Then picked up a deck and went straight back through. Would have no hesitation in recommending. Well printed, gorgeous volume. Very worthwhile addition to any magic library.



This is my favorite magic book. I love card magic and this book was amazing. It was well written and had good illustrations. Probably my favorite effect in the book was called trial separation. To spectators pick a card above and below a faceup joker. They pick the same card and the joker turns into it. It is impromptu and is amazing. I also liked three stooges which is the new version of mcdonald's aces I will perform. The sleights he teaches are amazing. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you don't have it yet you should get it now.



What an astounding piece of material. If you know Jack Parker and his beautiful card work , this is your insight to his tricks and moves . Very well written and easy to understand with visuals of the card tricks throughout the book. A definite addition to any card workers collection.



What can I say, this book has far surpassed my expectations. It is a beautiful book ( a little odd in shape and size), but thats a very small personal thing for me. The trick explanations are clear and concise Mr. Gladwin has insured Mr. Parker’s Legacy with this wonderful book.



This is an absolutely fantastic book and I am sure you will proudly display this book on your bookshelf. From reading other reviews, I can tell that everyone has their own favorite routines, and I'm happy to share that mine's visual acuity. It just goes to show that this book has a little something for everyone. I also find myself going back to this book more often than any other.


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  • Dave asks: Does this version have the Daniel Rhod Variation of the D'Amico Spread like the original did?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup!
  • Yoel asks: Are these tricks a begginer could do

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Andi says yes, there are lots a beginner could do.
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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Mainly editing differences but the same effects
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