A Florin Spun

Book by Hector Chadwick
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A Florin Spun

49.95 usd

Book by Hector Chadwick (49.95)

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A Florin Spun - magic
A Florin Spun A Florin Spun A Florin Spun A Florin Spun A Florin Spun A Florin Spun

Hector Chadwick (The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick) presents an exciting new exploration of the controlled coin toss and the numerous ways it can be applied to magic and mentalism.

A Florin Spun by Hector Chadwick is a more than 150-page hardback treatise detailing everything you need to know about controlling the outcome of a coin toss. This includes both techniques and practical performance applications.

You’ll discover….

  • The fundamentals and all important subtleties needed for controlling a coin toss
  • Three controlled catch variants that allow you to have the call made while the coin is still in the air
  • A controlled table spin
  • A gimmicked method that allows a participant to spin the coin
  • Three example performances that explore different applications

All of this is accompanied by further bonus ideas and an in-depth exploration of the history of the controlled coin toss. Everything comes wrapped up beautifully in a gorgeous cream-colored hardback book with premium paper.

Hardback | 152 Pages | 90gsm Munken Premium Cream Paper | Sewn Binding


Customer reviews for A Florin Spun



I purchased this on a whim, ignoring the price tag, admittedly because of author’s name and the high regard I hold his Mental Mysteries book. I thought, certainly there would be something special here. The book is beautiful and well written as expected. The content is essentially a treatise to the coin toss and rigging a coin flip. As a novelty book on this subject it’s very nice, but with a $50 price tag, the material doesn’t hold up, I’m sorry to say. With larger pages and different formatting, this book could easily be reduced to pamphlet and it is easily read in under an hour.
The primary flip taught will take a lot of practice and knack. This isn’t an issue except for the fact I can’t seem to imagine an application, taught in the book or otherwise, where I would rely on it with any certainty, doing it a multitude of times in performance. Or if an effect requires just one or two flips, I can’t imagine just not switching for a double sided coin. The spin section is a clever principle with far more reliability and less practice, however it’s fairly likely you already know the principle, as I did, if you’ve ever delved into the subject of a controlled coin toss.
I may recommend this book if it was appropriately priced, but as it stands, your dollar can go A LOT further. As a matter of fact, shell out an extra $10 and get Hector’s Mental Mysteries book and you will be rewarded with a plethora more of applicable material and insights.


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  • Alexander asks: Is the book's binding sewn? Or glued? Thanks.

    • 1. Mathieu answers: I would be very surprised if the book is sewn. This technique is not used in the publishing world anymore. The pages are always glued, and sometimes, a fake little stripe is glued at each end to make the illusion the book is sewn.
    • 2. Alexander answers: I'm sorry: I see now in the description that it's sewn.
    • 3. Chadwick answers: Mathieu, your statement is simply not true. Many books are still sewn.
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  • Robert asks: Is there a video available to show somebody using the techniques discussed in the book?

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