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Book by Baltazar Fuentes
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Arempi The Book

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Book by Baltazar Fuentes (155.00)

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Arempi The Book - magic
Arempi The Book Arempi The Book Arempi The Book

Forget everything you've ever known about misdirection...

While sleight of hand depends on good technique—Baltazar Fuentes believes that every magician will learn at some point that technique can only take you so far. To truly captivate and baffle an audience, you must be a master of all the different elements that go into the execution of a successful sleight. As Dai Vernon once said: "Confusion is not magic."

Baltazar Fuentes is an underground magician whose technical sleight of hand prowess is widely-respected by magicians in the inner circle. He was a student of Ed Marlo and regularly attended his round table sessions with other legendary magicians like Simon Aaronson, Steve Draun, David Solomon. While performing at the world famous Magic Castle, Fuentes would also session with Vernon and Larry Jennings—who both had high praise for his technical skill and effect construction. Most notably his intense emphasis on the importance of misdirection.

Now, Baltazar Fuentes is sharing his most valuable insights with you in Arempi: The Book. Get ready to learn how to work smart, not hard.

The word "Arempi" is a very sneaky play on words. If you say it out loud, you'll notice that it phonetically is pronounced "RMP"—an acronym for "Real Magic Powers". A master of the psychology of magic, Fuentes uses this book to explore the idea of misdirection and effect construction in a painstaking detail that has rarely been seen before. His unorthodox style offers a unique perspective and ensures the most important concepts will stick.

Arempi: The Book might be a humbling experience for some magicians. It's not uncommon for card magicians to feel like mastering a sleight like the "classic pass" or "side-steal" is dependent on being able to do it while the audience burns your hands. But, even then, you've only scratched the surface.

Fuentes believes firmly that powerful magic is dependent on a well-rounded idea of misdirection. The combination of misdirection with a smart structuring of the routine is pivotal to its deceptiveness. The sleight of hand move you do is not as important as WHEN and HOW you decide to apply it.

All of this is explained in Arempi: The Book. And, in typical Baltazar Fuentes style, there is no fluff. He conveys exactly what you need and nothing more. The linear logic of the Arempi Theory will benefit magicians of all skill levels.


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