Bend It Like Geller

By Ben Harris
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Bend It Like Geller

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Bend It Like Geller - magic
Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller Bend It Like Geller

On November 23rd, 1973, the landscape of mentalism changed forever when a young Israeli man seemingly bent a borrowed spoon with his mind on national television. His name was Uri Geller and he’d soon become one of the most infamous and influential performers to ever live.

Bend It Like Geller is part history, part technique, and part review of why we should all be bending metal. This one-of-a-kind book was written by Ben Harris, who has followed Geller’s story and has been one of his closest confidants for 50 years. Besides Geller himself, there is nobody more qualified to help us understand how this phenomenon captured the attention of the entire world.

Every time Uri Geller stepped in front of a camera, it fanned the flames fueling the war between the believers and non-believers. Did he really have superhuman powers? Or was it a simple magic trick? These conversations transformed the simple effect into a global sensation that completely revolutionized the art of mentalism as we know it.

Included in Bend It Like Geller are explanations for original bending techniques used in the 70s, as well as several new techniques for bending forks, spoons, coins, and keys. Ben also shares conversations with mentalism legends such as David Berglas, Richard Osterland, Alain Nu, Peter Turner, Richard Busch, and more discussing Uri Geller, his presentations, and how you can improve your own spoon bending.

Both mentalists and magicians will enjoy this veritable treasure trove of metal bending history, psychology, and technique from an all-star lineup of mentalists, sharing some of their best work, exclusively in this stunning book. Bend It Like Geller is an absolutely stunning book filled with fascinating insights you will return to often.

"Decades ago, Australian magician Ben Harris tried to debunk me. Now, all these years later, he's written this amazing book, Bend It Like Geller!" Uri Geller

"The book is brilliant, absolutely amazing and an important part of Magic and Mentalism history." Banachek

"What! 50 years of Geller for onoy $50? That makes Bend It Like Geller one of the greatest psychic entertainment bargains of our lifetime."Richard Busch

"This is a powerful source full with essential history, techniques, ideas and reflections for all MysteryPerformers interested in metal bending. Not just that, it's a truly beautiful book" Pablo Amira

"This is a remarkable resource, worthy of study for anyone interested in the mystery arts and required reading for anyone looking to bend metal with the mind. Highly Recommended." Nathan Coe Marsh, Genii Magazine, August 2023

Contents of Bend it Like Geller

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction

1. Enter Starman

Who was the first to perform the “psychically bending spoon,” and why does the imagery have such emotive power and longevity? To answer these questions, we’ll join scientists, skeptics and magicians who observed, reacted, responded—and together, in a complex dance—created both the great “psychic/skeptic war,” and one of magic’s most-popular performance pieces.

2. Look & Learn

  • Structure Of A Metal Bending Effect
  • The Early Methods
  • Keys
  • Inflicting The Secret Bend
  • Concealing The Secret Bend
  • Revealing The Secret Bend
  • Additional Techniques
  • Spoons
  • Inflicting The Secret Bend
  • Concealing The Secret Bend
  • Revealing The Secret Bend
  • The Melting Spoon

3. Deep Thought

  • Remote Bending Gambit

4. Evolution

What do The Shriek of Araby, a Japanese dentist, and a young performer in a New York City magic shop have in common? They each changed the face of metal-bending forever and, what’s more, they did this in differing ways. A look at Ali Bongo, Dr. Hiroshi Sawa and Geoffrey Latta's impact on the genre.

5. Reflections

  • Pablo Amira: Transcending The Phenomena
  • David Berglas: Berglas V. Geller: The Real Story
  • Richard Busch: The Geller Effect Meets The Busch Effect
  • Drew McAdam: Coming Full Circle
  • Alain Nu: Bending Spoons Was A Manifestation
  • Richard Osterlind: Something Special
  • Steve Shufton: Walking Around The Bend
  • Peter Turner: Is This The Real Secret?

6. New Visuals

  • The Twisted Spoon
  • The Tine Bend
  • Pace & Tempo

7. Parallel Paths

  • Raised Temperatures
  • Tubular Bends
  • Coin Bending
  • Novel Mutations

8. Looking Ahead

  • Eco-Friendly Bends
  • A Genre In Good Hands

9. Genre Map

Hardcover | 230 Pages | Full color

Want to learn more about metal bending? Check out this fascinating article on The Controversial History of Spoon Bending. You can also read a free sample of Bend it Like Geller here.

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Customer reviews for Bend It Like Geller



This book is so good. I bought a second copy to gift to a good friend. .



What a wonderful book. This is a history of the evolution of metal bending starting with Geller then leading into the modern age. It covers keys, nails, spoons, forks, and coins. It's fully illustrated and the artwork is fantastic. This hardback is like a coffee table book in size. The quality is off the chart, it's printed on nice semi-glossy paper and the cover is solid enough that you couldn't fire a bullet through it. Ben Harris gets an A+



This book is as entertaining as it is informative. It is not just a practical teaching tool for the neophyte spoon bender, but a thorough history and analysis of the whole metal bending phenomenon. It all begins with Geller, naturally.
This is a book worth reading even if you never intend to manipulate metal in front of witnesses, I highly recommend it.



Bend it like Geller is an absolute joy to read. As with most Ben Harris books it's well researched, the attention to detail is impeccable and the content is just so good. The production value of the book is top class. The quality of the writing is very professional. Harris takes yiu through the history of metal bending and treats you to an expose of methods and secrets. Be prepared to buy some cutlery. I highly recommend this book.



Bend It Like Geller, the essential book we didn't even know we needed. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book; I wasn't even sure exactly what it was offering. Was it history, biographical, magic effects, theory etc? Well, turns out all of the above and then some. It's a joy to read and an absolute treasure trove of information. If you're into metal bending this really is a must have addition to your bookshelves.


Community questions about Bend It Like Geller

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • David asks: Can the effects in the book be performed using normal spoons or are special props required? If a mixture, what percentage uses props?

    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: Hi there. The book covers and teaches the evolution of techniques with regular spoons, forks, keys and coins. It also delves into the gimmicked methods as well.
  • Alexander asks: Is this book's binding sewn or glued?

    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: The book is SEWN and a stunning production. You'll love it.
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe this book is Sewn
    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: The book is SEWN and a stunning production. You'll love it.
  • Pog asks: Are the techniques in the book exactly the same as the ones Uri Geller used please? Many thanks! Pog MIMC

    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: These are methods that magicians developed to replicate Uri's effect. And, the evolution of same over the past 50 years. Remember, Uri insists that he is the real deal.
  • Barbara asks: Does Ben Harris get better looking with age? Seriously I’m really excited to add this book to my collection. Thank you.

    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: Ha ha!
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He certainly does! This is a great book and I hope you love it as much as we do
    • 1. Ben Harris (creator) responds: Ha ha!
  • Mark asks: Hey Ben, in the book do you go into any detail about your friendship with Uri? It seems most magicians aren’t a fan (to put it lightly) because of the psychic claims he makes. Just curious what your thoughts are about his claims and how you moved past the magician skepticism to form a friendship.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is small mention of it but this is mainly focused on the secrets of spoon bending.
  • minjun asks: Could I bend borrowed spoon impromptu?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
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