BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See

Book by Christopher Barnes
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BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See

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Book by Christopher Barnes (99.95)

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BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See - magic
BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See

"Not only does Christopher T. Magician find fantastic methods to entrain children, but they are good! Really good. No fillers here. The routines in this book are terrific. Any one of them can become a feature in your show. Christopher understands how kids think, what makes them laugh, and how to keep them entertained!"David Kaye

Christopher T. Magician once again captivated the kid show and family show community with the unveiling of his sequel, BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See: Furthering the Art of Children's Magic, a decade after the groundbreaking release of his first book.

This latest tome surpasses its predecessor, incorporating ten years of Christopher's rich experience and evolution into its massive 826 pages. Within its pages, readers will discover 26 innovative kid show techniques, including Let's Practice, Fallout, The Pop-Out, Add Mentalism, Shrink Vanish, Miscall, and more, all guaranteed to get huge laughs and killer reactions from young audiences.

Complementing each technique are two fully-scripted, hugely funny kid show routines, demonstrating the seamless integration of these techniques with traditional magic to create moments of pure delight for children.

Highlighted routines include:

"Yellow" to "Red": Christopher's unique twist on the Color-Changing Silks, involving a yellow silk with the word "Yellow" printed on it. The unexpected change of the word "Yellow" to "Red" and the subsequent color transformation of the silk result in uproarious reactions from the audience.

"Disastrous Ropes": Honed through countless shows, Christopher's take on the classic Ropes through Body resolves common issues associated with the illusion. Packed with sight gags, this routine, where two ropes seemingly penetrate a child helper, leaves adults laughing and children in suspense.

"The Pop-Out Card": Unveiling an empty envelope, the magician witnesses the surprise appearance of a birthday card rising out of it. With just a few craft supplies, this ingenious prop comes to life.

"Snake Snack": Christopher's unique take on magic baking takes a hilarious turn. After a Spring Snake magically appears instead of a cake, the audience further thwarts the magician's intentions by making multiple snakes appear.

Similar to the original Beyond Look, Don't See, each chapter is accompanied by Take It and Run with It ideas, showcasing the versatility of each technique. While not complete routines, these concepts provide magicians with the potential to take them, run with them, and transform them into classic kid show performances.

In addition to the techniques, Christopher interjects Spotlight chapters along the way, offering insights into general aspects of kid show performance:

"But Grownups Laugh Too": Christopher shares his methods for entertaining adults during kid shows without compromising the enjoyment of the children.

"Magician Control": A candid discussion on Kid Control emphasizes the importance of redefining how magicians respond to behavioral challenges during a performance.

"The Family Show: A Perilous Tightrope": Dispelling the misconception that kid shows equate to family shows, Christopher explores the distinctions between the two audiences and provides guidance on effectively entertaining each.

Whether as a standalone resource or a companion to Christopher T. Magician's initial release, BEYOND Beyond Look, Don't See is an essential addition to any kid show performer's library for those who are committed to delivering quality performances.


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